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Xbox 360 Slim will not turn on but when plugged in, power button and disc tray button make the usual noise but Xbox won't turn on.

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I am very disappointed with Microsoft lately and their cheap technology; always making their products like crap so customers can send them in and they can suck more money out of us. Well anyway my Xbox Slim is in brand new condition, so I thought, and I always take good care of my technology; it's expensive. According to information I have read, the light on the power supply is supposed to be green but for as long as I can remember it was always orange and it never froze, had any errors or anything. I never dropped it or hit it. So one day I try it, and I press the Xbox controller button like always and the Xbox would not turn on. On further examination, I put my ear to the vent part of the Xbox and when you hit the power button, you hear the fan start up for about 3-4 seconds and then it dies. The power and disc tray buttons make their usual sounds, but the Xbox will not turn on. Of course this problem would occur after my warranty has expired and I tried all the steps I know to maybe troubleshoot it but still no solution.


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    sorry to hear - it sounds like you need to send your xbox for a repair. Please call xbox support to arrange a repair

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    Who are you? Yea send it in and waste more money? They'll just tweak it to break down some other time. It has happened before.

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    May not be your answer but here are a couple things that might be worth a try

    1- Change the outlet that the power supply is plugged into, avoid using a surge protector.

    2-Try a new power supply, if you have a friend with a Slim system as well that would be the best way to try it.  If you are going to buy one just to test it I would recomend buying used so that if there is no change you can just take it back and get your money back.

    3-  Sounds simple but double check the connections between the power supply and the xbox itself clear any dust and make sure they are plugged in all the way.  ( you would be surprised how many times this has been the source of one my electronic issues)

    Hopefully one of those suggestions helps you with your issues man.

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    Hi there. I actually had the same problem that you have, so I feel your frustration. You just need a new power cord to your XBOX, which are pretty cheep. You can get one at GameStop for $34.99. Just be sure to have your old adapter ready, as some will either have metal prongs on the inserts or plastic. Hope this helps!

    Of course, I can help you with your XBOX related questions by messages as well. That's how I roll. :D

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    I bought my Xbox in December 2012 and it has already encountered the same problem twice in 3 months. I sent it off for repairs less than 6 weeks after purchase. That is pathetic!! Microsoft should be ashamed of lack of quality. Maybe manufacturing and repairing consoles in Mexico is good for Microsoft, but it isn't very customer centric.

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    Oh man!  Definitely sorry to hear about that Casper!  Have you been plugging it directly into the wall outlet?  If this happens to you again, please absolutely start a new thread, and we'll be happy to take a look at the setup!

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    i basically have the same issue, my xbox slim has worked perfectly up until today, i went to turn it on and the green light comes on for a sec then shuts right off, my power light on the power cord box is orange, it goes green for like half a sec when i turn it on then it shuts right off.

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    Hey Sokande. Sorry to hear about the troubles. If the above steps didn't help, please go ahead and create a new thread, and we will be there to help. Individual threads help ensure the forums stay organized, and that everyone get's the proper support. : )

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    My xbox slim power cord wont turn on is supposed to be in orange but is not this is the third time this happens Im really dissapointed microsoft all'y should get a better technology and stop using cheap technology

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    Check to see if your cord is loose where it plugs into Xbox

    power supply. I've had this issue before where the cord had pulled

    out a bit. Unplug power from wall, then power supply. Press power on

    console to drain any left over power, then reconnect everything.

    It worked for me, hope it works for you


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    BEFORE you send your Xbox in, remove your hard drive, and then try turning your Xbox on. If this works, turn your Xbox back off and re-insert your hard drive. I had the same problem (less than a week after I bought a brand new Xbox S) and this fixed it; ironically, this was the same solution that fixed my problem when I had RRoD on my old Xbox.