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broken hard drive?

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So my xbox got knocked over a few weeks ago. Afterwards all the games i bought online and downloaded stopped working. it would tell me to download them again. i posted on here asking what was erong and was told to clear the caches and stuff. i did and it still wouldnt work. i have come to the conclusion that it has something to do with the hatd drive. so what i am wondering is this... could it be the actual removable hard drive part? and i just need to buy a new one. or could the console part where it goes in be damaged? i dont have the money to go buying a new hard drive if the one i have now is fine. so should i just send in my xbox to get fixed? i really dont know. (sorry about any misspelled words. i am on my phone and the auto correct doesnt work on here.) 

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    Also... It will let me play one game. And I can watch movies I downloaded onto it. So I really don't know. Why can I do that but not play my other games?

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    Hey again Ashley!

    To avoid confusion, I'm going to link your original thread HERE so we can keep track of the troubleshooting we've already had you try.

    Seeing as how you can play some games on your profile, just not all, the question becomes:
    Which games are the ones that give you these issues?

    Also, do these same issues happen on other profiles on your console?

    Let us know and we'll work with you from there! ^_^ 

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    Well it first started with black ops 2. Then I went to play toy story 3 and it did the same thing. Then I saw how there were a few free games. So I downloaded one to see what it would do. It told me to download it again. The only game I can play isassassins creed 3. And it does the same thing on all profiles.

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    Hey again Ashley!

    Thanks for the info! At this point, I think it's definitely going to be either the hard drive needs to be replaced or the console needs to be repaired.

    Fortunately, there's a test we can perform to determine which of those is the case. If you can, try using your hard drive in another console of the same type (if you're using an Xbox 360S console, use a friend/family member's Xbox 360S console to test your console, etc).

    If the hard drive works:

    It looks like you'll need to send your console in for an official repair.

    If the hard drive doesn't work:

    It looks like you'll need to purchase a new hard drive.

    Let us know how that goes and we'll work with you from there! ^_^