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Troubleshooting your USB Storage Device

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Welcome to the exciting world of USB storage on the Xbox 360 console! Woo! So let’s make sure that you have everything in order first. If you are confident that your USB device has been formatted and configured properly, you can skip ahead to some more troubleshooting.

Why should I use USB storage? 
If you don’t want to invest in a larger hard drive (HDDs), need a little extra space, don’t want to take advantage of Cloud Storage or don’t have a LIVE Gold account, or if you simply want to carry your profile and gamesaves around with you, then USB storage is for you! You can use a USB device to store all sorts of files including gamesaves, profiles, arcade games, game add-ons, and Zune movies.

Most USB thumb drives and external HDDs will work with the Xbox 360 console, but to make things simpler we do offer a
Microsoft brand USB thumb drive in both 8GB and 16GB sizes. If you want to use your own USB device, please note that you can use up to two devices at one time and up to 32gb per device.

How do I set up a USB device? 
First of all, your USB device has to be formatted with the FAT32 file structure. Most USB devices will come like this, but to be sure you can also plug yours into your home computer, open up My Computer, right click the device, and select “Format”. Your device also has to be at least 1gb in size. 

Once you have a suitable device, just turn on your console and plug it in. Starting from the ‘Home’ hub on your console, navigate to:

‘Settings’ Hub > ‘System’ Tile > Memory > USB Storage Device > Format 

From here you have two options to set up your device: 

Configure Now 
Selecting this option is the fastest and easiest way to get your USB device up and running. This will erase any and all data on the device and format the entire device (up to 32GB worth) for use with the Xbox 360 console. That’s it! You’re all set and you can start saving data to your new device right away. 

This option will allow you to designate exactly how much space on the device you want to reserve for the Xbox 360 console to access. Again, the minimum is 1GB and the maximum is 32GB. Space left on the USB device after this formatting can still be used by your PC for extra file storage. 

Something went wrong! 
If you are getting errors during this process, your USB device might not be up to snuff. This could mean the speed of the device is too low, the device doesn’t have enough free space, or it just isn’t a supported brand. While it may let you continue to configure your device, it is recommended that you use a different device to prevent any future issues.

Device Options 
After you complete the configuration of your USB device, you can manage it by highlighting the USB device on the Memory menu and press the ‘Y’ button for Device Options. One option you have in this menu is to rename your device. I recommend naming your USB device something unique so you don’t get it confused when using more than one device, for instance if you visit a friend’s Xbox 360 console and are each using a USB device. 

You also have the option to remove the Xbox 360 formatting from the USB device if you wish to discontinue using it with the console. Make sure you transfer any important files to your console before doing this as it will delete all Xbox files from the device.

My USB device isn’t showing up at all. 
Has your device been configured yet? 

This is the first time I’m using the device. 
Your device might not be the proper format. Plug it into your PC, open up My computer, right click on the USB device and select “Format”. Format the device to FAT32. Make sure to save any files before doing this, as formatting will erase all data on the device.

I have already configured it. 
Try plugging your device in after the console starts up. Does it show up now? This is a very uncommon issue, but we are aware of it and are working to correct the issue. For now, just remember to plug in your device after startup. 

My USB device un-configured itself! 
If your USB device suddenly has no data in it, or it has reverted to its pre-configured state, it may not meet all the requirements for using it with the Xbox 360 console. Did you get a warning message during configuration? The best thing you could do is to find a USB device that better meets the requirements for use with the console.

If you want to give your USB device another try, format it to FAT32 again on the PC and then try the configuration process over again. It would be recommended to make sure your files are saved on the console as well in case there is another issue. 

I’m still having issues with my USB storage device. 
If you are having an issue that can’t be resolved by the above steps, feel free to create or find a post in this forum that describes your unique issue. Please include the following information: 

USB device brand/size. 
Error message and/or code. 
What are you trying to do? 
What is going wrong?

Emily - Program Manager @ Xbox, Xbox One Preview Program

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