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Do microsoft points codes still work?

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I am thinking about buying some Microsoft point but i just noticed that they have stopped using them.

Do the codes work still and will they turn into the amount of money i paid for the Microsoft Points?

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    Hi there.

    To answer your question, Yes.

    Microsoft Point cards/codes can still be redeemed, they'll just be converted to your local currency equal to or greater than the Marketplace value of those points.

    For further information on the transition to local currency, visit:

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    Microsoft Point codes will still work until Microsoft gives further notice. They will just be converted into local currency.

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    my personal experience is when i entered the points code on my xbox, the points were added then converted to local currency when a purchase was attempted...

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    Microsoft points will still work. They will be converted to your local currency. Eventually they will not work but Microsoft will give us an advanced warning before doing so.

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    It's 10\07, does the Microsoft Point Cards still work? I was thinking about buying and redeem a code.

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    *sigh* if you would have read the posts from AUGUST you would know they still work as long as they are from the region you are in they will still work.

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    Hello, the current points cards will work without a problem. they are just converted the the currency equivilant. also stores are now beginning to carry the new cards as well.