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Xbox 360 Elite Disc Tray Won't Open

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Hi! I've had my Xbox 360 Elite console since 2007 and not had any problems until a few months ago when my disc tray started getting stuck when I try to open it. I'm still experiencing the problem now, and after trying the guides in the support section of the website, the problem persists. Removing my console's faceplate just resulted in the USB slot cover falling off. The tray opens and closes fine with a disc in it, but I'd rather not leave a disc in my console when it's not in use. I think I'm going to need to send my console in for repair, and since I've had my console so long, it's obviously out of warranty. I was wondering if anyone could give me an estimate in £'s as to how much a disc drive and USB slot cover (not essential, but would like to get it fixed) repair would cost.

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    So you have tried to manually eject your disc tray? If not try the steps in the article below. When it opens gently move it side to side and in and out to make sure it is not getting caught on anything. If that does not resolve it then yes you will need a repair. To get more info about getting your console repaired in the U.K I would suggest calling Xbox Support for your region 1-800-587-1102

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    To get a repair out of warranty it will cost between $100.00 - $120.00 US Dollars. Not sure how much that is in the currency your using, I am not familiar with it.

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    Thanks for the replies.

    I can manually open it, but as soon as I close it with no disc in it, the problem just happens again. You press the button to open it, it moves about half a centimetre, you close it, you open it, it sticks again, and so on.  I'll give Xbox Support a call.

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    Just discovered that it only seems to happen when the console is stood up vertically. When it's set down horizontally the disc tray opens fine. I'll still see if I can get it sent in for a repair, though. I'd rather have it stood up vertically so it takes up less space.

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    I manually opened it again after my last post this morning and this time I had no trouble afterwards and haven't all day. It seems the problem's finally sorted.

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    my literally wont do anything vertically or horizontally so i guess i have to keep manually opening it?

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    Hi Bakon. If you are having to manually open and close your disc drive, I would suggest submitting your console for repair. 

    Here is How to get your Xbox product repaired if you have any questions.