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Is a 250GB Hard Drive from an XBOX 360S compatible with a 4GB XBOX 360S?

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My friend recently got a 4GB XBOX 360S, but his save file is on my hard drive, since we share a LIVE account for online games. I have a 250 GB XBOX 360 Slim, and he bought the 4GB XBOX 360 Slim. Here's my question:

If I remove the 250 GB Hard Drive from my XBOX 360 Slim, would it work with my friend's 4 GB XBOX 360 Slim if I take out his hard drive?

The hard drive is the little bar of soap-sized kind, that has a tag so you can pull it out, his is the same.

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    yes it will work. both systems are xbox S model. so you're good to go!

    but to access the save file that is not necessary. you can turn on cloud save on your system for both you and your friend. then he can download the save files from cloud to his console. but to access the cloud, you have to have a gold subscription!

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    Set up cloud storage for saved games

    To use cloud storage for your saved games, you need:

    • An Xbox LIVE Gold Membership
    • A console connected to Xbox LIVE
    • 514 megabytes (MB) of storage space on your console (local cache)

    Step 1: Turn on Cloud Saved Games (for a console)

    1. From the Xbox Dashboard, go to Settings, and then select System.
    2. Select Storage, and then select Cloud Saved Games.
    3. Select Enable Cloud Saved Games.

    A local cache is reserved on your console, and you can now save or move saved games to the cloud. For more information about this cache, see the section under When is my cloud game save uploaded to the cloud below.

    If you get an error message when you turn on cloud saves games, see Troubleshoot game saves in the cloud.

    Step 2: Save or move a saved game to the cloud

    • New game: When you start a new game, the game usually asks you where you want to save your game progress (your saved game). If you turned on Cloud Saved Games (step 1), select Cloud Saved Games as the storage device. Now every time you sign into your Xbox LIVE profile and play the game, your saved game is automatically stored in the cloud.
    • Existing game saves: If you have an existing saved game that you want to store in the cloud, you can move the saved game to the cloud. Here’s how:
    1. Sign into your Xbox LIVE profile.
    2. Go to Settings, and then select System.
    3. Select Storage.
    4. Select the storage device that contains the saved game that you want to move to the cloud.
    5. Select Games.
    6. Select the game with your saved game.
    7. Select your saved game.
    8. Select Move.
    9. Select Cloud Saved Games.

    You can copy, move, or delete saved games that are stored in the cloud, just as you would copy, move, or delete items on your hard drive. For more information, see Copy, move, or delete content.

    Use a cloud game save on another console

    1. Sign into your Xbox LIVE profile.
    2. Turn on Cloud Saved Games (see Step 1: Turn on Cloud Saved Games above).
    3. Start the game with the cloud game save.
    4. When prompted, choose Cloud Saved Games as your storage device.

    Now you can play on the other console, right where you left off. When you’re done playing, your game save is stored in the cloud.

    When is my game save uploaded to the cloud?

    While you’re playing a game, your game save is cached locally on your console. When you exit the game, your game save is automatically moved to the cloud. You don’t need to do anything to make this happen (other than the two setup steps above). If you look at your Active Downloads list, you can see the status of your game save being uploaded to the cloud (to see your active downloads, press the Guide button on your controller, go to Marketplace, and select Active Downloads).

    In a hurry to turn off your console?

    Don’t worry! You can turn off your console before a game save is uploaded to the cloud. When you turn off your console, your console stays in low power mode until the game save is uploaded to the cloud (that is, as long as the console has power and is connected to the Internet).

    Important Unplugging your console or disconnecting your console from the Internet will cause the game save upload to pause until the next time your console connects to Xbox LIVE. If this happens, you won’t be able to use the saved game on any other consoles. If you get an error related to cloud game saves, see Troubleshoot game saves in the cloud.

    Turn off cloud storage for saved games

    There are two options to turn off cloud storage for game saves:

    1. Move saved games out of the cloud and turn off cloud saves

    First, you need to move your game saves out of the cloud. See Copy, move, or delete content for steps on how to move content from one storage device to another (for example, from Cloud Saved Games to Hard Drive).

    Once you've done this, you can turn off cloud storage. Here’s how:

    1. From the Xbox 360 Dashboard, go to Settings, and then select System.
    2. Select Storage.
    3. Highlight Cloud Saved Games, and then press Y.
    4. Select Disable Cloud Saved Games.

    2. Keep saved games in the cloud and turn off cloud saves

    You can turn off cloud storage for a single console and keep your saved games in the cloud for you to use on another console. Here’s how:

    1. From the Xbox Dashboard, go to Settings, and then select System.
    2. Select Storage, and then select your primary storage device.
    3. Select System Items, and then select Cloud Storage Console Copy.
    4. Select Delete.

    Note You will be asked to confirm that you want your saved games to remain in the cloud, and future updates to your saved games will not be synced with this console.

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    You wont even need to take anything out of the 4 GB console. It has a nice big empty space already ready for the 259 GB HD.

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    is your one have a 250GB removable hard drive then it's okay. if not don't do it! it will void the warranty and you will get banned. so buy a 250GB removable hard drive.

    sorry for my previous answer. you said removing your 250GB hard drive. so I thought it's also a 4GB system with a 250GB HDD. if it's the case then it's okay. if not, don't do it!

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    Also, both have the removable hard drive, in case I didn't make that clear in the original post.

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    The 4GB console doesn't have a hard drive.  It's 4GB of internal storage is Flash memory which is on a chip attached to the motherboard, it can not be removed. 

    Apart from the 4GB of internal storage, the 4GB Slim is exactly the same as the 250GB Slim.  They only physical difference between them that the user can see, is that that the 4GB model's internal hard drive bay is empty.  You can insert the 250GB HDD into the empty hard drive port on the 4GB Slim.  The hard drive on the 250GB console is user replaceable.

    I hope that makes sense.

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    you're good to go. you can use that hard drive with any xbox slim system :) no need to visit the forum about it anymore... so you can have a peace of mind.

    happy gaming!!