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Xbox 360 Slim keeps turning off randomly during gameplay

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Please help me I can't play for more than 15 minutes cause my 360 keeps shutting off while I play
I have tried the following:

>Removing all the wires on the 360 and power brick then putting them back on
>Plugging the 360 directly to the socket
>Plugging it to another power source

> There is no beeping sound it just suddenly turns off without warning
> No more warranty
> Power brick is cool
> 360 is cool
> The power brick is blowing and sucking air out 



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    Thank you for your suggestion mw x but I'm the only who uses my console and I've had it for about a year now. Fortunately I have found a fix. When my 360 turned off again I immediately removed it from the plug then pushed the power button. Then I just plugged it back in and I was able to play normally again. Thanks again for your help

    This is where I found the fix:

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    Go here

    When using your Xbox 360 console, your console turns off unexpectedly

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    thank you for answering however I have already tried  all of these suggestions :(

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    Okay i know this may seem silly but do you have a Family Timer on the console?                                                                                                                                                            The way you can check this is by scrolling across to the Family tab on your Xbox Dashboard, click Family Settings, if the content controls are set as off then it can't be the Family Timer but if they are on then please could you scroll down to were it says Family timer and click on it. Once your on the Family timer tab there is 2 tabs that say Daily and Weekly and another one that says off and Family timer off and set clock and continue.

    What i would like you to do is if Daily, or Weekly are checked uncheck them and click on off which is below Weekly, when i looked through the times there was one for the time slot of 15 minutes. 

    Please could you provide more details of how you got on and what happens when your console turns off, are you able to switch it straight back on?


    Hope this helps 

    Happy Gaming!


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    I think it could be the Family settings as your console isn't showing no signs of needing a repair

    Everything seems perfectly fine, so it must be the console settings.

    So please do what i suggested and this should fix your problem

    Happy to help!

    Happy Gaming!


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    Glad too hear you have it all fixed now

    Happy Gaming!


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    I have a similar issue with my 3 month old XBox 360, it randomly turns itself off, frequently after i turn it on so it has nothing to do with overheating

    so far not had an answer as to why

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    Hey there, bozi78. Can you please create a new thread for us? Be sure to include a full description of your situation including any error messages you are seeing and the troubleshooting steps you've tried so far. Thanks!

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