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Xbox Slim Open Tray Error Question.

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So my Xbox has the reading... Open tray. Error. And I have tried about everything to fix it and was going to try sesnding it in. BUT, I have read everywhere that this is caused by an Xbox update, which I know is true because that is when mine started. Anyway, would I have to pay for this since this is Xbox's fault for my Xbox breaking??

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    Contrary to popular belief this is not caused by any sort of Xbox dashboard update. The open tray error signifies an error with your consoles disc drive (hence you receiving an open tray error when any disc is inserted). You will need to go through the disc drive solution guide located here and if that does not work out for you then you will need to send your console in for a repair.

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    They are working on a update patch to fix the issue last I heard

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    Sorry, i actually havent got any solid suggestions on this one. Ive been doing some research and it doesnt seem that common. Answering your question about if you have to pay or not, I shouldnt think so as it has happend because of software Microsoft provided you with. Im not sure but it would be out of order it they were to charge you for their problem. Calling Xbox Support is probably your best shot.

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    If This Does Happen.....Go To Your Dashboard When Inserting a Disc,Clear Your Console's Cache,or Cleaning The Disc That You're Inserting.Hopefully This Helps! :)

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    Try clearing the update out by pressing and holding the synch button while booting the console with a controller until the you return to the dashboard. If this does not work try highlighting the storage device under settings and storage and press the following : rb lb x rb lb x and it should try to update. Choose yes and see if that helps

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    I see no logical reason whatsoever to sending your system into X box to repair a disk drive error IF it is NOT under warranty. The cost is higher than most qualified repair facilities and the wait time is just plan unacceptable compared to what you might have from your local repair facility. Additionally, and you will only get a 90 day warranty from MS whereas most repair facilities offer up to a one year at NO additional cost.

    My system just started having the open tray error and just being out of warranty a month ago. Perfect timing for Microsoft as I am not faced with four options with MS coming out ahead in two of the  four options.

    1) Send it back to MS and pay the 120.00 fee and wait for up to 3-6 weeks to have it back. And let's be honest here who can actually go without their system that long? Some can but most won't!

    2) By a new system and be back to gaming in no time. However, with most systems still in the 200.00 dollars range  it might not be an option to most.

    3) Carefully look for a local repair facility in your area that has solid reviews or check your BBB  website and take it to them.

    4) Try and fix it yourself by replacing the drive which is find it you own the software need to mate your drive to the motherboard. If you are go at soldering just replace the laser and hope that was the only issue.

    There is another option I forgot a well, which is the route I am going to take: power up my PS3 and PC and keep it moving and wait until the new x box comes out in sometime in 2014.

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    Hassassinade, what are you, a computer? All the ambassadors EVER do is give some generic answer thats been copied and pasted. Its something microsoft does on purpose, they know very well the disc drives do this, and will  NEVER do anything to fix it. If you noticed, it probly started happening right after the one year factory warranty was up. I'm sorry to tell you, but you like many others (myself included, on three separate xboxs) have been conned by the microsoft company.

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    Does not compute.

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    All i did was unplug the power cord from the back of the xbxo, plugged it in and it worked again

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    Why does every Xbox's disc drive go bad ?  I'm on my 4th, and 1 had red rings, and 3 have had disc errors.  I've bought 1 PS2, and it is almost 10 yrs old - never had a problem.  I'm leaning towards the PS4 and avoiding the new Xbox One all together.  I'm tired of their lack of quality control.

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    Hey there Aim Straight!  Oh man, I am definitely sorry to hear that you've been having such a rough time with the consoles. If you can, please post a fresh thread detailing what you're seeing with your system now.  We'll do our best to get it back up and running!

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    idk if this will work for you but what i did was

    press the power button to off until the console  blinks 4 times (till the fan turns off)

    then turn power on and hold it

    (i had a usb with the usb update not sure if that makes a difference)

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    i'm having this problem right now as i speak for like months now