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Xbox 360 is unusable.

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My Xbox 360 says: "Sorry this console can't play until your subscription payments are up to date."

I bought this Xbox 360 brand new on ebay and never signed up for any subscription.

Is there anything I can do? My Xbox 360 is unusable.

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  • This situation is with your profile account, not actually the console itself.

    This means the payment option that pays for the Gold subscription you are using has had an issue, and you need to speak to a billing agent. That can be started in this link: or calling your local phone support.

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  • Ebay is not an 'authorized retailer' according to this page anyway. So if you purchased your 360 from them and it was a 'Entertainment for All Plan' 360, I would say try giving customer service your 360s number and applying the monthly fee to your account. If that fails though Ebay in my experience has had an amazing track record for taking returns on items that are not as described, or malfunctioning. Good luck

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    Everything Jameser78 said is spot on and shouldn't take longer then 10mins to sort out when on the phone.

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    But if he just bought the console then he doesn't have access to the profile causing the problem because it probably isn't his profile.

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    Hello Potato Joe! To confirm what our community members are reporting, this would be an issue with the account, and your console would not be affected as we do not issue console suspensions for delinquent payments. My thought here is that the console you purchased on eBay has an account set to auto-log in, and that account is delinquent with payments, hence the suspension. What you can do is the following:

    1. Bypass the screen by pressing A, which will grant you access to the Xbox 360 Dashboard.
    2. Sign out of the current profile by pressing the Guide button (large middle button on your controller) and press the X button to sign out. 
    3. Navigate to the Settings Hub to the right, and select the System Tile.
    4. Select Storage.
    5. Depending on the model of your console, you may see Hard Drive or Memory. Choose whichever one appears for you. 
    6. Select Profiles.
    7. Delete the profiles you see. At this point, you can press the Guide button again, and select Create Profile

    Doing this will allow you to start fresh with your own profile! This will also keep you in compliance with the Xbox LIVE Terms of Use, as using anyone else's profile, even with their permission, is a violation and subject to enforcement action. 

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    The above statement is true but the problem is that if this is a new Xbox then why would there be any profiles on the console itself?

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    Miss Portia, my console is not even signed into a profile when I get the message. Before I get a chance to sign in the message pops up and it only has two options: "Turn off the console" and "Try again". It also provides a link:

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    Hi Potato Joe - that is actually not a URL I recognize. Can you take a picture of this error message and post it here? Hope that can help us get to the bottom of this. :)

    Emily - Program Manager @ Xbox, Xbox One Preview Program

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    Here is a picture of the message:

    I went to the link in the message and it brings me to the Entertainment Plan For All Terms and Conditions page. I never signed up for the Microsoft Entertainment For All Plan.

    I have contacted support multiple times and no one has been able to help me yet, they said they will "contact a specialist" which they said will take 7 days. I am extremely frustrated as my Xbox 360 is completely useless because of this message. I have not been able to use my Xbox since January 1st and I do not want to wait another week before I will be able to.

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    Can anyone help me?

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    Hey there Potato Joe! I'm sorry we didn't catch your post last week! If you're in touch with a phone support specialist regarding this then you've taken the right steps. They are best equipped to help out with your subscription issue. Let us know what you hear back from them! We're here for any questions you have. :)

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    Well their "specialist" finally contacted me. He said the store I bought my console from is not an "authorized retailer". Which is not true because it is a large online retailer. He told me that it is pretty much my problem and Microsoft will not do anything.

    So I now have a $200 paperweight that I haven't been able to play for weeks. I guess I will have to buy a new console when i have extra money. I am not sure what will happen to this one. I guess it can never be played again, even though it worked fine before but now has the stupid error message.

    I have been a loyal customer of Microsoft for over ten years, but I will never buy a product from Microsoft again after how I was treated. They do not want to own up to their error, and instead blamed the retailer and put it off on me.

    I strongly suggest not buying from Microsoft in the future and be very cautious if you do. I would make sure to buy from the official Microsoft store just in case your console or hardware has an problems so they cannot say you bought from an "unauthorized retailer" and tell you it is your problem.

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    You were scammed by the eBay seller. Take it up with eBay.

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    There are many online retail sellers that may be large and popular, but that doesn't make them a reliable trusted source.

    I am sorry for your situation. Personally, I never buy anything xbox related online.

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    Contact the Ebay seller.    Ebay is a retail site,  the people selling goods are just that,  random people....  It is possible the seller was unscrupulous and sold you a banned or otherwise unusable console.  That is not Microsoft's problem.  Maybe contact pay pal or the card used for a chargeback and make an official complaint about the seller.      Can I ask why buy on Ebay for $200.00 instead of buying at a local store cheaper???  Obviously it is NOT a NEW console but, In your complaint you said it did work but now doesn't....  and again Microsoft will Never Ban a console for payment issues.  Your either Gold or Silver month by month.  It's a prepaid membership.     Something fishy happened in the Ebay sellers possession of the console.