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3 Red Lights on my Xbox 360 Elite

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Okay, I went through the flashing lights wizard, and got told to replace my power pack

i did that

and it did nothing, still getting 3 red lights...that means my xbox is done now, isn't it? Because Xbox is seemingly offering me no other suggestion.

Or am I wrong and there is another solution to this problem?

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    Yeah it is usually power supply related, but if you changed that out, it is most likely the console. How old is your 360? It may still be under warranty if its less than a year.

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    I think I got it around 2007/2008, so I'm definitely out of the warranty. It's an Elite, the ones before they released the new model.

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    sounds terminal,i take it you've tried your Xbox without the HD attached,sometimes that helps,but i'd say its dead

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    Hello Sir, here are couple of good suggestions that worked for me when my console had the exact same problem. To start off you don't just want to go and buy a new power jack at first start cause if thats not your problem than your going to have to keep buying power jacks. cause it will keep ruining your new ones. To start off try and un-plug EVERYTHING from your xbox360 elite, wait a few min then plug back in and see if that works. Or you can use this suggestion i used and I am still currently using this one, take your xbox360 into another room and plug it in directly into the wall outlet, or take an exstention cord and plug that into another room. Have that exstention cord run all the way to your room and plug your power cord(xbox360 one) into the exstention cord. I'm currently doing this now. Does not have to be in another room just another outlet that's not in your room, this is caused by your outlet not giving your xbox or your powerbox enough power to either be turned on or played on for more than15min. Please try that and see if you haven't already. Have a nice day Sir, keep up the gaming man!

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    Can you give us the secondary error code?

    This can be done by turning on your xbox.

    As soon as the 3 red lights start to blink, press and hold the SYNC button.

    After that, press (don't hold!) the EJECT button.

    The 3 reds light will change to 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4 red lights.

    Do this 4 times in a row and you'll have yourself a secondary error code e.g. 0110, 0022

    The code is for 0 red, 0 red, 2 red, 2 red lights.

    As far as I can see at the moment, this is the Red Ring of Dead.

    You can either get it repaired by Microsoft or you can buy yourself a new Xbox.

    Maybe the secondary error code can change my opnion.

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    It means your system over heats and if it's not under warranty then you'd have to pay to send it back and they'll send you another one. BUT, it no different then you going to the store and buying a new one but they'll be no waiting two weeks and the cost will be about the same. If you buy a refurb. then it could even be cheaper. If you live near a game stop I'd buy a refub and get the warranty on it so you won't have to worry about it dying right away and save your money because the next gen Xbox will be released this year. Watch for the  announcement at E3.

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    The code i got was either 4134 or 4113 (when i did it the 3rd time it didn't change from 1 light, so I'm not sure if that was a mistake from me or if it was another 1)

    Also, I've tried the different power outlet solution before, I've done every solution that Xbox offers you for 3 red lights, which is why I've posted on here, but thank you.

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    Seems like a problem that is very rary.

    Both error codes exist, but very little info can be found about these errors.

    Seems like the first two options I mentioned earlier still stand.

    - Contact MS to get it repaired


    - buy a new xbox.

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    Do the towel trick! Wrap a towel around the console and leave it on for an hour or so, since those error codes are rare, Microsoft will probably send you a new console and not even bother to fix it, and it will be expensive to get done my guess, it might just pay off to get a new one, and you'll get the xbox s on the day you buy it, and not have to wait for 3-4 weeks