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Xbox 360 keeps turning back on and opening/closing disc tray

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So I've started to have the issue stated within the subject matter line:

My xbox 360 will constantly turn itself on when the power is connected and will rapidly open and close the disc tray at random intervals. On top of this the Disc tray open/close button on the console and the power button are both completely unresponsive. While the system is on, there is also no controller connected (a.k.a. no light indicating a connected controller)

I have researched this issue both within the xbox official forums I now am submitting a post on and in outside forums to try and find some kind of solution. While others have had similar issues, the answers given were either ridiculous or did not apply to my situation.

here are a few more facts:

1 - I've disconnected the power from the console and have waited several hours before connecting power again. Same issue occurred after power was connected.

2 - I do have wireless controllers, however all batteries are dead and I use them as wired controllers. On top of this, as mentioned, when the system is on, there is no indication of a controller connected either.

3 - I have a guitar hero guitar, however it is the wired version from Guitar hero 2.

4 - I have had this system for several years so far without any single incident like this.

5 - the system is as clean as it can be so there is no obstruction/dust touching the buttons.

6 - No pets or humans (unless specifically turning it on for a game) go near the system, so "accidentally" bumping the button is out of the question, especially since this problem persists when I am standing alone in front of the system.

7 - I have the latest updates as far as I'm concerned.

8 - There is nothing connected to it that may trigger it to remain/turn on

9 - I do not have background downloads active (since the problem only started today and not when I last changed settings)

The only thing that has transpired today that is out of the ordinary is the installation of Bell FibeTV in the house as well as the upgrade to their latest modem/wireless router.

I have read online that perhaps there is wireless interference happening, but where? and how could I fix it if there were?

Any help would be appreciated as this is quite a frustrating issue, especially since there is no concrete answer for this other than "send back to manufacturer"

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  • I finally did end up getting this resolved and it was pretty much the simplest thing too. Originally I had my Xbox connected to a power bar that also had my TV, Wii, and DVD player connected to it as well and all of this was in one socket in the wall. When I would remove the Xbox power cord to stop the issue from happening, obviously the problem would cease to happen.

    Long story short, I figured it might be an intermittent power issue so I plugged it directly into the wall socket rather than the power bar and the problem went away immediately. I'm not 100% sure why that was the case, but that's what I would recommend if you are experiencing the same thing. If it doesn't fix it, at least you've eliminated another option.

    Good luck.  

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    Could be a simple problem: Are there any fluorescent tubes near your Xbox? Many users are reporting this strange behaviour, when they turn them on.

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    The fluorescent light issue is a real thing, check this out



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    Thank you for the feedback so far, unfortunately I wish it was a simple matter as this. I don't have any fluorescent tubes or lights near the xbox and the only lights in the room are halogen.

    In response to cRaZyLIZARD76 - the problem I am having isn't when I turn it on, but that it keeps turning on itself without me physically doing anything.

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    I can't help you with your Xbox turning on/off and your disc tray opening/closing randomly,but I can help you with your controllers not connecting if that's still a problem.

    You said you got a new TV.By any chance is your Xbox now sharing a powerboard with it?If so,there's a chance the TV is taking all the power and your Xbox isn't getting enough to power your controllers.You can try removing some things from the powerboard,or try plugging your Xbox directly into the wall if possible.

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    The controllers connecting isn't an issue. I stated there was no controller connection indication when the console was doing this due to some incidences where people have had others (from other houses) turn on their own controllers which would turn on the other person's console.

    I do have my 360 hooked up to a powerbar alongside the TV, yet I have never experienced any power issues as of yet. I will try hooking it right into a wall outlet though and see how that goes.

    Both the TV and Xbox are about the same amount of years in age, what was new about the other day was our cable service being changed to a FibeTV service instead of simple cable.

    I appreciate the ideas you mentioned however, I just wish they could apply to this situation.

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    Ah,I must have misread and misunderstood your post a bit.Sorry about that.Sorry I couldn't help with your situation.

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    Did you ever get this resolved? I'm having the EXACT same issues.

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    G'day Boundless! Thank you so much for following up with your solution. =) I'm very happy to hear that bypassing the power strip was able to stop those issues with your console, and hopefully that step will help others who experience the same issue.

    If you have any other questions about your Xbox 360 console, always feel free to post here and we'll help out.

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