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Original xbox light blinking orange

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So I was playing my ORIGINAL xbox (not the 360) and the screen then said no signal (like it does when the xbox is off) then I looked at my xbox and the green light around the eject button started blinking orange. I unplugged it and I tryed again, same results. The next day it worked good, then 10 minutes later it happoned again. PLEASE help. And dont tell me to buy a xbox 360 'cuz I already have one.

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    Hi there MuffinKing2013! As a first step, can I have you run through our Flashing Lights Wizard? Once you've done that will you let us know your results! Thanks in advance. :)

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    No, it's not a 360. This is an ORIGINAL xbox. Please help.

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    If I remember right, that indicated a problem with the a/v cord: either unplugged or not correctly plugged in or broken.  And since your post states " signal" I would say that is the problem.  Problem is, you are going to have a time replacing the cord.

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    The original Xbox, or Xbox1 if you will, displays flashing orange/green when there is no a/v cable detected. This would mean one of three things.+


    1. The cable is damaged or has become faulty, fix by replacing the cable
    2. The tv is losing connection from the console for some reason, possibly an issue with the tv
    3. The console A/V port is damaged or has become faulty resulting in the loss of connection at times.


    I love the fact this question has come up though, I miss the old DirectX Box.


    Also, try cleaning all ends of the A/V cable with a dry cloth to get any debris or fingerprints off the contacts.



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    I looked this up online and found out it may be overheating. Checked the back where the fan is, no air. The fan isn't running and the xbox is overheating. Any ideas? Thanks. :)

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    Also, it flashes orange, not orange/green

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    Checked the back where the fan is, no air. The fan isn't running and the xbox is overheating. Any ideas?

    Yeah, go off the reservation. The answers to your problems are out on The Internet. They cannot be discussed on the official forums.

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    ok, thank you

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    Orange lights mean there is a possible display output problem. Try these steps:

    Disconnect the cable between your Xbox and the TV (both ends) and plug it all back in again. See if it works.

    Try a different cable if you can to see if the cable itself is at fault.

    As it works for a while it cold either be movement around the console/TV that works the connection loose or it could be that the GFX is overheating and the console isn't getting enough air circulating around it (make sure it has lots of room and that the vents on the console are clear of any dust) or is slowly giving up which would require repair/replacement of the console.


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    I bought a fan offline, since I checked. The system is overheating. The fan burned out. Thanks for the help guys. If the system still does this I'll replay.