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Console ban

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My brothers console was banned earlier today. He moved out and I have been using it since. I would like to know the extent to why I have been banned for violating the tou. 

Serial # 405076695205

Console id: 032949321047

I also want to note that I have been playing a scratched MW2 disc for quite awhile now. Is this the source of the infraction?

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  • Hi there! Unfortunately Support agents will not be able to help you out with this issue. The only people who deal with this type of thing is the Enforcement Staff. Depending on your issue, please refer to one of the following links. Thank you!

    For account suspensions, please post in

    For console bans, please read

    For "marketplace theft" issues, please read

    For general info on violations and penalties, please read

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    a scratched disk can trigger a glitch in the software that makes them think you are using Pirated software and you can be console banned for it. this may help you

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    Yes its scratched however I did download it to my to HD so its the original copy of the game

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    Xbox has recruited many people that are is impersonating and representing xbox support team. Bottom line is that xbox has made a huge mistake why trying to issue their "banhammer". while thousands of wrongfully accused people are left in the dark with no support and nothing but useless information posted by individuals suggesting that they should go buy new consoles and discontinue their complaints. My self as well as hundreds/thousands of people  have already filed complaints with the BBB ans FTC . I suggest you do the same thing if you want to have this issue resolved the way it should be, and not have to deal with Xbox and their illegitimate banning of thousands across the globe. They have been very silent wiith this issue,and my personal opinion is that they do not want to further damage their case when they take this issue public in the near future.Unfortunately they are not making any kind of justification in their actions and showing no signs of rectifying any of their decision. For this reason us as a community need to team together to notify higher powers to ensure that this is not only appreciated, but will not be accepted as loyal paying customers of the Microsoft establishment.

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    Microsoft do not un-ban previously banned consoles as they are permanent. They do not ban people's consoles/accounts lightly, they do so after several investigations.  

    The most common reason for a banned console is modifying it, but there are other reasons such as marketplace theft.
    You might want to post in section 14 in order to get an official answer. Although they might just delete your thread and post a link like below as they do not discuss console bans.

    Console Ban

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