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Wrongly banned on forza4

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Says i got banned for piracy issues but have legitimately bought the game and can prove with receipt. I and many other people have brought this up with turn 10 they told us its a problem with the Xbox piracy detection so thats why I'm here. Please reply with any helpful information as I'm kinda pissed because I spent £60 on a game in which almost all they features have been wrongly blocked from me.

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  • Hey there! We've been asked to direct you to the Turn 10 forums regarding this issue. Thanks!

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    ive had the exact same problem its banned me from forza 4 saying i loaded a pirated disc on the console. i also paid £60 for the game and to be wrongly banned the day i get it is really not on!

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    I know I just hope it gets resolved quickly I don't want to wait to play the game I paid for.

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    i have got the same really annoyed it will be taking it much further if it does not get resolved add me if u want we cant talk about or something lol;)


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    i have got the same problem about that,i don't know why it says parental control setting that blocked my acc and cannot go to storefront and any other auction market.i am so angry with that serious problem about "turn10".i buy this game because i want to share the car pic with other players or share tuning setting with other players.if it no this service in the game,it becomes i hope the company can solve this problem immediately..

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    Try calling xbox telling them that you bought Forza and the system read it as a Pirated cd  Tell them the Xbox Pricay Detection is wrong because you are in the Uk or Europe they should give many options to help

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    I have the same problem also. disc reading errors then banned for doing nothing this is frustrating being accused of piracy after purchasing the LCE edition which i had on pre order

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    same here buddy. much uproar about this on too. nobody who actually knows what's wrong is willing to comment from my experience

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    Someone posted on not long ago saying they'd spoken to ms support, who said it was a batch of faulty discs but they said it's from one store, gamestop i think, and people are reporting the same issue from asda and other stores, so it could be anything. He also said there will be an official statement within 24hrs.

    Make of it what you will, but it's worth waiting until tomorrow anyway, and then start pestering ms and turn 10 all over again!

    Good luck guys. No point having community features if half the community end up banned for playing their favourite game! LOL

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    Same thing here.  Yes, it does suck to lose a lot of the features and basically be called a thief when I know I did nothing wrong but possibly play Forza 4.  A  great game otherwise.  All of my other games work fine feature wise...even Forza Motorsport 3.

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    send a letter to watchdog, many people are having isues and microsoft and turn 10 are saying its not there problems , get it on the program give it bad credibility and something will happen

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    Yes because bully boy tactics always works even when the company in question is in the right.

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    Oh wait you serious? Let me laugh even harder BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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    I don't think that would work but I do know I did not load a pirated disc.  That is a fact.  One of those companies made a mistake and it just comes down to whether they are willing to admit it.  Turn 10 have acted pretty bad about this situation.  This account was NEVER warned about it in the past like the Forza 4 servers suggested.  

    I buy my games and have plenty of receipts.  If they'd be a little bit helpful and tell me the supposed pirated game.  I could look for the receipt and then show them how wrong they are.  The only game I have problems with is Forza 4 though.  

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    Guys i think we should just wait it out, you'd be glad to know this is actually catching pirates, but sadly, something is terribly wrong with the new "Anti-Piracy" protection from microsoft and we all think that something either went wrong at the press centre for the game or EVERYONE on here is a lying pirate(Incredibly unlikely) either way, they will end up just unbanning everyone if they can't determine pirates from legitimate users...

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    I doubt it(if they would unban everybody just becuase they did ban some wrong users) but then again my name is Thomas.