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battlefield 3 says i am too young too play

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i just bought battlefield 3 and i went to the multiplayer and i read all the terms and agreements stuff and after that it said i can make my ea or origin account on the next slide but i click it and it says that i am too young. i really want to play the game but i do not know how to fix it, i have family settings off but it still wont let me play. please help!

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  • EA rules state you must be 13 years old at a minimum before being allowed to play their games online.

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  • you cannot, once you set your age by entering your birthday it cannot be changed, you will have to wait till your 13, there is NO way to fix it or work around it, sorry.

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    how do i make it so i it says i am 13

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    ok. my dad got live for his account but this time right as we go to multiplayer it says "your gamer profile does not have the correct permissions to access xbox live functionality"

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    I got the same "age" problem on fifa11, my xbox-live age is 16... It has to do with your EA-account age (same with me) and I do not know how to change it. I have an EA-account on my pc but does our xbox's use the same account?

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    Im 14 but it still says at Im too young!. please help me idont know what to do please!!!!!!!

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    Apologies dk mathias, this thread is months old. Could you please create a new thread and describe your problem in detail. Thanks!

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