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Skyrim disc problem, freezes while playing because of scratch help

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Well i had my skyrim disc in my xbox then i moved my xbox to the floor and it made a weird sound so i opened the xbox disc tray and skyrim had a big circle scratch. My dad buffed it. Now it plays but it totaly freezes and i have to shut off the xbox and start again. I also tried to install it to my xbox but it got to only about 60% and said disc has a scratch in it please whip it down. I tried it three times but it still didn't work help.

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    You should never move your console while the disk is in it for this exact reason. I hear rumors that cleaning the disk with toothpaste is an effective method of cleaning it but I don't know if I would trust it. As far as I know Bethesda does not have a replacement disk program.

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    Get another copy of the disc to install with. A friends, rent it, whatever. It doesn't have to be your own copy you install.

    Its not an official fix, but I've fixed scratched discs using get toothpaste and a soft cloth to fil the scratchs. Lotion and a tissue also works fairly well.

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    I have the same problem but I can install my game but it still freezes when I press continue at the main menu... Please help! There is a scratch one the very inside of the disc like the bit that shines and says Xbox 360? If this helps.

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    like Raett said the best thing to do is probably install it to your hard drive, try lending it of a friend or a family member and installing to your hard drive, this should fix the problem, as long as the xbox still reads that it is skyrim


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    your disc is *** those circle scratches *** discs over it happened to my mw3


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    If you can't rent or borrow a copy.

    Try rubbing the scratch with tooth paste and then washing it down with coke or 7up.

    It isn't great but it's a temporary fix which (if done right) should fix the disc long enough to install it.

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    Depending on where you live, I've taken my scratched games from similar issues to a local game store, and paid like $2 and they would use their industrial machine to buff the scratches out.

    Normally, the scratches were pretty big, from my Xbox 360 falling over, but afterwords, I couldn't tell where the scratches were. I would call around and see if there's a local used game store that has such a thing.

    If not, you'll probably have to buy a new copy or do what the prior posts suggested. 

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    Best to just lend the game and install, but as long as it reads it as skyrim this should work as its playing the game from your hardrive, jsut make sure you have enough space and be careful when moving your xbox, dont have a game in whils moving it and make sure its turned of most the time, Source - i've laser burnt som many discs in my time ! now i learned


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    Here's what you do:

    -Borrow/rent/buy a new copy of skyrim

    -Install the new skyrim onto your hard drive

    -Give back/take back/return the new skyrim

    -Put the scratched skyrim in and play from hard drive from now on.

    This should work as long as your old one at least starts up.

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    This happened to me with my Red dead redemption game i had the console facing upwards once i set it down i guess i set it the wrong way and it gave my game a what is called "Perfect circle scratch".


    Now i don't know where you bought the game or how long it's been but if it hasn't been long i'm guessing you might be able to return the game and replace it with a new one, "explain to them what happen".


    If that doesn't work find a friend or someone that has skyrim and ask them to barrow the game or rent it in your local game section area, afterwards install the game into your Xbox once installed you should be able to play the game with the scratched disc without problems since it's data is installed into your xbox itself.


    Me personally i had a warranty on the Red dead redemption game so they replaced it for me "Rockstar games" So try contacting Bethesda studios and ask them if your game has a warranty on it

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