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Will I get banned for modding Skyrim?

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Ok, I finished Skyrim and got nearly all the achievements. So i got bored and decided to restart it all but with mods so i can feel like a god.  But i heard you can get banned. Can i? Even though skyrim is not a multi player game and its not a disadvantage to anyone? (except for the monsters and dragons im gonna pound) And the makers of skyrim supports mods and such.

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    For Xbox or PC? Xbox is a big no no, but the PC version has cheats and mods.

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    Mods of any kind on the 360, are prohibited. You could get console banned. I would avoid at all cost.

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    You can't use mods on Xbox, they're prohibited. If you're playing on PC, there's more freedom, but they can ruin your game experience (bugs, cheats).

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    Yes sorry to say you can get banned, as everyone else has said using mods of any kind is against the terms of use and  conditions.

    So i would not use the mods and just play through like you did before


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