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Playing two player split screen in Minecraft

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We have an HD TV, are gold members but cannot get the two person split screen to work when playing minecraft.  What is the deal? 

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  • That cord does not work, it only works for HDMI with HDMI TV. If you do not have this you cannot play split screen. Why it has been configured this way do not ask me as I do not have hdtv and also cannot splitscreen because of this unfortunately.

    I do not know if this is allowed but if not a mod will remove it, here is a good video from youtube on how to splitscreen for minecraft.  watch?v=G3aDBsI24tA




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    what kind of cables are you using?

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    you need either an HDMI cable or the hd component cables not the red white and yellow composite cables

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    You have to use HDMI cables to do splitscreen on an HDTV.

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    Change the resolution of your screen in 720 p

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    i have the same issue... playing on a HD TV & using all the colors on the cord (blue green ect) ... find the proplem yet?

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    I did not no that my tv was a HD tv

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    Mate you need to have an HDMI TV.

    If you have the GAEMS gaming case you can play 2 player split screen on it. (I think 720 HD is needed)

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    I play 2 player split screen now  

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