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This message appears everytime i want lo launch the game, i have tried everything, from deleting my account, erasing and downloading the game, deleting the cache, trying to launch it from a different account, deleting worlds, save files, moving the game to another storage device, and nothing seems to work. Help would be appreciated 

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    Hello Asskicka031,


    Well, this is an annoying issue that won't surrender without a fight.

    Are you able to launch the game from another (Xbox Live) Profile and see if the message appear.

    Either, would you mind to made a screenshot of the error you get. I have never seen this before.

    Thanks in advance for your effort.



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    I'm not able to launch the game from any account, i have tried but it doesn't work. The error just appears like that it says MINECRAFT XBOX 360 EDITION HAS FAILED TO LOAD AND CANNOT CONTINUE, and it shows me an option to return to the dashboard, there are no numbers, just text. Thanks.

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    Hello asskicka031,


    I assume this is not a Minecraft failure, but a Hard Drive (HDD) failure.

    I recommend to format your HDD and when the formatting process is complete to give it another try to install Minecraft.


    Note: Formatting your Hard Drive will ERASE ALL dats that is stored on it. Please back up your files before proceeding.


    If even that fails, I have only one suggestion left. Somthing in your Xbox, I think the HDD itself is failing and needs to be repaired.

    You can do that by sending your Xbox to the Xbox Service Center.


    Let us know if you need more information or support with requesting a repair for your Xbox Console.


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    it happen to me 2 day a go