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Halo 4 Longbow - The Level Wont Load

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So iv'e been playing halo 4 for a while and i started playing Dominion for a while and sometimes the game loading screen you get right before the game starts in matchmaking would sometimes freeze for a second then start loading again, whenever i saw this i knew the game wasn't going to load, the screen would go back to the start screen when the game stopped loading.

i guessed that it was luck of the draw but i wasn't watching what stage was being loaded, i then realized when i went to open a custom game that there was still alot of stages that i haven't played and longbow was one of them, and even thou i had seen it alot as an option to play in dominion matchmaking i had never played it and i thought it was a bit weird so i loaded the stage in forge and it didn't work i kept trying in different game mode but the game still didn't load, i then realized that the dominion game weren't load because longbow wasn't loading

please please help with this situation, longbow was a stage i admired alot as i watched trailers before the game came out, i have tried re-installing my maps from disk 2 but problems still persist, ill be forever in your debt

please dont say get a new disk because i already have and i can already say that it will not work, this is a problem that 343 should have fixed days ago

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    Hey there Rastah!

    Do you know if you're able to delete and reinstall the multiplayer disk to see if this helps resolve the issue for you? Let us know what you find out! :)

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    Also try installing the game to your HDD, and clearing your system cache. I have encountered the same problem, and this seems to have resolved it.

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    Hi Rastah, i also had this problem for a while, but i managed to fix mine by downloading the game to my hard drive, and then restarting. Hopefully it should work for you too:)

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    Hi Rastah, Ive been seeing alot of corrupt downloads when your installing dsk 2. Go to System settings, storage and select the drive your saving to, Press X for Deletion Suggestions and take a look thru the list for a corrupt download. If found, delete it. Then clear your cache. To do that simply follow the steps above but don't choose a storage device, rather highlight any storage device and press Y. A menu will appear asking you if you would like to clear your cache, Press a. After that reset the console and redownload the 2nd dsk (if needed). I hope this helps!

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    Please let us know if the above suggestion worked. Thanks!

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    I belive you have a scratch on your disc right where longbow is located. this happened to me in Halo:Reach ,causing Swordbase and Pillar of Autumn not to load.