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"Your gamer profile does not have the right permission for xbox live acces" BFBC 2

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hi, i bought battlefield bad company 2 and when i wanted to play online it sayd your gamer profile does not have the right permission for online acces, does somebody know how i can change this because i really want to play online. and i already made an account on the EA website but when i get this error, it's iin a block with "create Account". hope someone can help me?

Everything in seps what i did.

1. started battlefield bad company 2.

2. i did go to multiplayer and pressed quick match.

3. i had to create an account, and my windows live ID was already typed in, i filled everything up with my info.

4. then i pressed submit, and then it sayd the error.


But one time it almost worked (i tried some solutions) because then it sayd that i couldn't connect to EA server. 

and when i want to add my gamertag to my EA account it says:

Sorry, we can't find information about that Xbox LIVE Gamertag.

Before you can link your Xbox LIVE Gamertag to your EA Master Account, you need to log in to any online EA game with your Xbox or Xbox 360. Once that is done, check your email inbox at the address you used to sign up for your Xbox LIVE Gamertag for an email from us describing what you need to do to link up your accounts.

Keep in mind, this email may not appear immediately, so be patient. Note, you can always come back to this page to re-trigger the email in case you missed it.


PLZ help

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    This post is a year old. I'm sure it's already been sorted out.

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    1. EA has a online age restriction of 13 years old.

    2. If you got the game used you need to buy a Online Passcode to allow for online play.

    Not sure if you fall into one of those or not. Other then that are you sure your just not set up on a child account on the Xbox itself?

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    you have to put parental controls off

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    As posted before, this could be due to two reasons.


    1) There are parental restrictions on your xbox stopping you from playing Age rated games, however looking at your recent games I am guessing this is not the case

    2)  The most likely reason is that you have not activated a legit online pass.  Battlefield provides a code to allow you access to online multiplayer, if you have purchased the game used you will have to then purchase an online pass from the Marketplace to allow your account to game online.


    Hope this helps.


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    Shoot!  My apologies, I didn't notice that the post was a year old!  I just saw that it was an unanswered post with a recent response.


    Easy mistake .... not sure it warranted the 1 star though but what are you going to do?


    I will be more vigilant in the future.


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    Same like me......... i wanted to left 4 dead 2 online but it keeps saying ''your gamer profile doesn't  have the permission''

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    in your case you need a gold membership to play online, yours is silver and for future reference, do not bump threads from over a year old and create a fresh one, thanks.

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