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Modified Software being used to boot people offline.

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Over the past week I have been host booted constantly by a user using modified software. I spoke to xbox live support and they said to post on the forums and it was the best and only way to reach people with the capabilities to ban a user from the servers. My service number was (edited by a moderator). I am being booted by a user with the gamer tag (edited by a moderator)  He is flooding my IP and ruining my xbox experience as well as my home internet which has recently been not allowing me to complete homework due to the lack of internet service. I have spoken to my internet provider and have had my IP and all other possible options fixed but it still keeps happening. With all the money and time spent into my xbox and accessories this is very unfair and hope this can be fixed ASAP!!!

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    I do want to stress that these attacks do not originate from the Xbox 360 console, but rather from the web, as discussed above. If you are the victim of these highly illegal types of attacks, please do the following:

    1) File a complaint against the user via the Dashboard "File Complaint" system.

    2) Block Communications with the user, again via the Dashboard tools.

    3) Contact your ISP and request a new IP address.

    4) Contact your local law enforcement to report these attacks.

    Emily - Program Manager @ Xbox, Xbox One Preview Program

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    There is no way for a Player to flood your IP through Xbox Live, If you are having issues make sure your NAT is open and all ports are forwarded. If the issue continues you need to contact your ISP and let them know you are having connection issues and you would to have a test done on your speeds for your internet, If you feel like a player is harassing you report them and block them. also please please remember the CoC and refrain from posting players GT it is considered Slander.

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    No No No,dude i dont mean to be rude but you are completely wrong. In these past few months their has been a increased amount of host booting on games. Mainly WWE12, CODMW2 , MW3, and NBA2k12 seem to be popular hits. what Rouge said was completely wrong, as 1.Ive experienced getting host booted myself 2.Im an I.T student and have a strong knowledge of networks. 3. I know what software is being used to do this. DDOS attacking is illegal. Sadly theres nothing we can do about it and my confidence in Microsoft is dwindling as ive contacted them before and just be shoved aside and didnt even recieve replys from their security team. However there are some steps you can take to avoid this.

    1.Since these players have your IP, you will need to turn your router off for about 20-30 minutes. This gives your router time to reset and 80% of the time will assign you a new IP. (If this step works for you then your free to play again Note however if you rejoin the same person who booted you/or sadly you run into another boooter repeat this step)

    2. Sometimes the first step wont work and you may need to leave your router off longer. The suggested time is usally 8-10 hours (I know its a long time without online gaming but you gotta do it to fix the problem)

    2. Sadly if your ISP assigns you a Static IP Address you have to go abit further to solve this problem. Youll need to contact your ISP and explain to them that your are being DDOSed off Xbox Live and your attackers will be able to strike again, if they assign you a static ip they will see it when they check your account and usally they will change it for you, the downside tho is that if your attacker gets your ip youll have to go through this step all over again)

    And to sum it up , make sure you file a complaint (Tampering===>XBL Tampering) Avoid the Player (Quit Early), also inform your XBL friends about the GT who attacked you , and post again in the forums, i know for a fact alot of people experience this but unless more people post about this MS wont do anything. Im hoping somebody from MS reads this and fixes this problem.

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    Hey Vile thanks for the information, I guess I didn't realize that the boosting was being done via someones console so if you are joining a boosting lobby you also connect to the  gamer's infected console and they are able to get your IP is that correct?.

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    There's software out there that allows folks to monitor IP traffic to their system.  They capture that information and then flood the public IP address of the person's modem.  "Vile" is on the right track here.  ISP's also have the ability to block an offending IP address that the flooding is coming from, which is why they should be contacted about this.

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    Be aware these DOS attacks on not done via software on the Xbox console, they are done via a PC on the same network.  Quite a few ISP's now issue a Static IP addresses, so powering cycling the modem/router, may not give your connection a new IP address.  In which case you need to contact your ISP and they will do the change for you. 

    If are ever threatened to be booted offline, be sure to file a complaint against the user, Microsoft takes a dim view of such practices and they generally result in a perminent supsension and a console ban for the offender.

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    booted me off my xbox live then my internet, please help. i'v herd he has been doing this to alot of people and frankly it is just plane wrong. please take care of this

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    Please do not name and shame on the forums. Miss Portia's steps are correct.

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