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Can't connect to Xbox Live because I can't accept the Terms of Use.

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Since the update to the Xbox 360 Dashboard in November 2011 I have not been able to connect to Xbox Live. With this update, as I am sure you know, came a new terms of use. Unfortunately I can not accept the new terms as you claim to not be able to retrieve the information (specifically this is the parent account, the e-mail and password). When I try to accept them here, entering the e-mail and password simply brings me back to the terms, where when I accept them AGAIN I am taken back to entering the parent e-mail address AGAIN. I have tried multiple accounts but apparently no e-mail I know is that of the parent account. Its almost as if the parent account is deleted from records or something.
 I've tried so many e-mails but I can't seem to find the right parent account. The reason I don't remember is because the Xbox used to remember it, and I just had to enter the password. But now it just says "Can't retrieve information from Xbox LIVE." and will let me enter passwords but not an e-mail in the blank e-mail box. I know our connection is fine as every other account on the Xbox can connect great. And I can't look in "My Account" or wherever to try and see if the parent is shown there because to do that requires accepting the terms of use, which I can't do. I've been registered since 2009 and because of the Dashboard update/new terms of use from 2011 I can no longer do anything requiring Live.
I have gone through 2 e-mail conversations, and 2 of the support chats. Only one was helpful, but still did not solve my problem. In fact I was pretty much told it couldn't be solved and that this is a fairly common problem. Is there no way to make it so I have to create a new parent instead of it trying to constantly find a parent that it can't seem to find? If not you can expect to never suck money out of my wallet again (I will be joining the league of Sony consumers), because you support is (mostly) worthless and this is a big issue. I had a $60 XBL Gold expire in the time period, I can't play Indie games that I PAID for, I can't update any of my games, I can't access any special content for games, I can't see my friends, I can't do anything because of this problem and no one can seem to do anything to help me.

I have spent hours trying to fix this, I am not about to let my money and time I have put into this account go down the drain. PLEASE HELP!!!
And thank you if can, and please don't even try to help if all you can say is something stupid. (Sorry for sounding angry but I am, and have a pretty damn good reason to be.) 

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    Well thank you all for coming back after I put up the pictures you so desperately needed. ;)

    I could not age up my account without first accepting the terms of use on the Xbox 360. For some reason, however, I was able to accept the terms of use on the Xbox website without parental permission, like my account was aged up automatically on there. My Gamer tag is now back to normal.

    I hope to God this will help someone, this is so awful to go through. I thought I wasted so much money. And time...

    But nope!

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    It is extremely difficult to recover if you don't collect the parental Windows Live ID from the console, as explained above.

    If the parental Windows Live ID was false, your only option is to provide matching information at the web page . That's why the Terms of Use specify all the information you provide must be true, as recovery is impossible if you don't have the matching informaton.

    Support: or Request A Call   How to get FreeLIVE

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    Hey everyone! Vibroplex here is correct. Please take the steps he has provided in order to recover your account via the Account Recovery form!

    Since this thread is dated back quite a few months and these posts are not likely to help the OP, I'm going to lock this thread. If you have further questions about your account please make a brand new thread of your own in forum 03 - Managing my account, where you can get help for your account issues! Thank you for your understanding and cooperation here. :)

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    Hey there Kool! I see you are having trouble remembering the log in information for the parent account attached to your account. One easy way to determine this is to sign in to the suspected parent account on the console and look under Family. If there are any children attached, their avatars will show up there. Aside from that, we don't really have a way of looking up what parent account is attached to your account at this time.

    At the absolute worst, once your account reaches 18 years old, you can simply promote the account to a full adult account and then accept the Terms all on your own. I'm not suggesting that "wait until you're 18" is the best course of action, but I want to let you know that this account isn't gone forever if you can't remember the parent account.

    Please do let me know if you find the proper parent account or if you encounter any other issues along the way. Thanks!

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    Okay well its good to know that I can promote it still, even though I can't accept the Terms. Its only a few months away so it won't be that bad if I have to wait. I have an idea what the Gamer Tag for the parent account is, but it is locked with the Windows Live ID linked to it so I can't check to see (since I don't know what the e-mail is anymore, and it actually says something like "This account requires you to enter your Windows Live ID password to sign in." And then takes me to entering an e-mail instead of the password. Which strengthens my suspicion that it is the parent since on my account it can't find the e-mail and for this one it can't either.)

    If there is a way to find out what the e-mail for the WLID for the Gamer Tag is then I would be good, but I don't know how to do that.

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    When you go to accept the Terms of Use, if you're on the console, the first password it wants is yours. Then, it should show the parent Windows Live ID, which should give you a starting place to go reset the password. Good luck! :)

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    Okay well like I said, the problem is that it can't find the parent account. I don't have a password so I don't know why you say the first one is mine. I sign in, it takes me to the terms of use, I press accept, it says that your parent account must accept them, and then it says "Can not retrieve content from Xbox Live" and closes the pop up.

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    And sorry if I sound grumpy. I'm really sick right now, and I'm also frustrated with this problem. Mostly because no one seems to completely understand what I say.

    Although thank you for trying.

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    Hey again Kool! OK, so you turn the console on, sign in, get the Terms pop-up, and you accept. Then you get a message saying that a parent must accept them for you, and is there an option here that you select or accept? What is the full message and options here? If you can, posting screenshots here will help us see what you are seeing as well. Thanks for getting back to us!

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    Sorry for not having replied in so long. I've been busy with other things (and playing on my computer instead of the Xbox). I made a call just after you replied on here, I believe I found the parent account but two people I talked to could not even get it to pull up in the databases, like it didn't exist. I know for a fact it was Xbox Live enabled, as it said so on the account.

    I forgot the support ticket number from the phone call. But I have one from the most helpful online chat  I had so far.

    Support Ticket Number: 1172204139

    Actually... These may be them, its from March sometime I believe. 1172815838 and 1172877959

    The second one may be the guy who apparently, even though I told him the EXACT same things as the first person, said the information I gave him did not match the account. Also I'd like to just mention that the whole thing that they can't tell you even what you messed up is the stupidest freakin idea ever. Just sayin.

    Sorry if I get upset talking about this, but since that update in November I haven't been able to use my account. My account with 26204 gamer points. My account with around 50 Rockband songs, maybe 3 full downloaded games, and numerous indie and arcade games. All of which, as of recently, no longer work.

    I don't know if I mentioned earlier, but when I tried to log in, and it said accept the terms, after I pushed accept and it loaded the parent e-mail pop up for a bit another pop up appeared saying: "Cannot retrieve information from Xbox Live at this time," or something similar, and gave me the code 8015d080. Now during the phone call I was told this means my account is corrupted and I will probably just have to start I new one. I did some Googling just now and found out it normally means that it is deleted and irretrievable, usually due to the deletion of the e-mail associated with it or not having played for 3 months. However, neither of those apply to me. I had played the day before this occured, and my e-mail STILL works, because I can sign in here. That is why I believe the parent account is messed up. Which people kept arguing against it seemed.

    Here is what was said about aging up the account, which I am still unsure if it can be done offline or not:

    Rick: When I turn 18 I can have the parent account removed right? Or will that not work with this problem? If I set my age right it should be fine in May.

    Valerie J: Yes, your account will age out of child account status.

    Rick: And it won't need parental approval or anything to do that?

    Valerie J: No, you will only need a new credit card to add to the account when you promote it to an adult account

    And Rick is my dad's name, so it does remember a little of the parent account, which I find strange... I know I put my name and not his.

    Again thank you so much for helping me. I will try to get screenshots later, I won't be home until midnight. Actually a video might be more helpful unless I take screenshots of each screen/pop up, but the e-mail one doesn't always last long.

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    Greetings, SuspectK00L. I can understand where you're coming from and I'm very sorry for the inconvenience this has caused. Thank you for getting back to us about the issue. Standing by for an update on the screenshots/video. :)

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    So I went ahead and took my camera to the TV. Haha, don't worry I don't mean that I threw it at it or anything. I got some pictures...

    1. Gamertag

    2. Signing In

    3.Terms of Use

    4. Parent E-mail (Yeah even to just VIEW the new Terms of Use) [Lasts for about 3 seconds, if I am fast enough I can try to change the password, which is useless if I can't select editing the e-mail]

    5. The Error!!!

    Sorry it takes so much room. And they are probably really really big, but I wanted them to be as clear as possible.
    Hope this helps. 

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    Oops don't think I made that very clear.

    First I sign in.

    Everything goes okay and then the Terms pops up.

    I press A over View Terms of Use.

    It loads for a little.

    The parent e-mail box pops up for about 3 seconds. E-mail portion is unselectable, while all password and sign in are fine. If I select password it takes me to the enter password screen as shown under 4. I can stay there and enter passwords just fine, but if I wait on the Parent E-mail pop up it will close.

    Which then leads to the error, #5.

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    How did you fix it? I sooo lost and pissed.

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    Hey, With today's new terms of use, i'm having the same problem. Although I can see the 'parent' email adress, every password I try doesn't work. I was able to change the password of the e-mail adress on my console here on but still it says that the password isn't valid.. When I try to accept the terms on my pc i keep getting redirected between the 'accept terms' page and 'enter microsoft ID' page.. plz help

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    Im having the same exact problem, The parental account associated with my Gamertag is there, but I have absolutely no idea what the password is and its killing me.

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    hy, my parental account erroneous therefore I don't put my password