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Wifi works but Xbox wont connect

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My wifi works for every other device connected (laptops,iPad,phones) but my Xbox wont connect to it.

I was just playing last night and I've had the same internet and wifi setup for the last 8 months and I've never had this problem.

Every time I test the connection to Xboxlive its red X's the link between the Xbox and the Router even though the stupid thing has found my router and shows full bars.

And I know the internet is working because Im on my laptop connected to the wifi right now typing this.

I've done several hard resets on my modem and router and still nothing works

I'm getting frustrated and I need some help please

edit: I dont get any errors either it just says the test connection failed.

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  • Hey I guess I fixed it, thanks for the reply and that tips kind of helped

    I just went into my router settings through my internet browser (firefox) and changed the "channel" to 10

    After that I went into console settings and ran the initial setup, once i finished that i was magically signed into xbox live and connected. Hopefully I have no more troubles,,,thanks

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    Hey there Last!

    Could you try and reset your Xbox network settings back to factory settings.

    Read this troubleshooting guide And see if you can find something that helps you resolve this issue.

    If you are able, could you try a wired connection to your Xbox.

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    Great! I am most thankful that you posted back and let us know that you have manage to solve this problem.

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    It didnt work for me