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No more Xbox live for me, can't update

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They say I tampered with my console, FALSE!!! They also say buy a new console-Yeah Right, Not Happening.

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    Hey Strenuous, I'm sorry, but if you're receiving a message that you tampered with your console, it will need to be replaced in order to play on LIVE.

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    Replacing my console is not fair, I did not recieve a message saying I tampered with it, I just get an error code when I try to do the latest update. Because I can't finish the update, I can't get on Xbox Live. I read other peoples comments and talked with Microsoft and got the answer that I need to replace my console. I don't think that is fair when I have done nothing wrong, I don't have a reason to tamper with my console. If something wasn't working I would have it fixed professionally, I would never try it myself.

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    Hey Comic - what is the exact error message you see?