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Free Month of Xbox Live Gold when first sign up.

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Ok, my mate got his new xbox like 3 months ago and only has made one account on it. He said that instead of using his account whenever we play online, i was to make my own account. 

So i made my account and i was able to play xbox live GOLD for the whole time i was there. This was on friday last week. But when i went over today, i was not able to play online with him using my new account.

The thing is, is when you first sign up to a new live account, aren't you supposed to get a free xbox live gold membership for a month, free? 


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    Did you sign up via the console or on the website?

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    If i am correct the free 1 month only is only available to the first account created on the xbox so if your friend used it you may have been playing on a guest account i hope your issues get resolved

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    I agree with above and think that you can only get one month on one account.

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    You get 3 sign ups per Xbox

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    Are you sure you werent a guest

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    Greetings! I wanted to jump in here and confirm that Shadowman is correct. You can receive a free month of Gold for the first three gamertags created on a console.

    Let us know whether you created the gamertag via the console or on :)

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