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no me puedo conectar a una red inalambrica [I can not connect to a wireless network]

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tengo un xbox 360  original,y el adaptador para redes es el blanco con una antena,si detecta la red,pero no se puede conectar.

[mod translation: I have a xbox 360 original, and the network adapter is white with an antenna, if it detects the network but can not connect.] 

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    Try to disconnect your xbox 360 from the power supply as well as disconnecting the network adapter.

    Connect the xbox 360 to the power supply and start it without the network adapter connected.

    Connect the Wireless Network Adapter to the xbox 360 and check the connection to xbox live.

    This could also be a temporarily problem with your internet.

    Google translate:

    Trate de desconectar el Xbox 360 a partir de la fuente de alimentación, así como de desconectar el adaptador de red.

    Conecte la Xbox 360 a la red eléctrica y ponerlo en marcha sin el adaptador de red conectado.

    Conecte el adaptador de red inalámbrico para la Xbox 360 y compruebe la conexión a Xbox LIVE.

    Esto también podría ser un problema temporal con el Internet.

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    Greetings, BRIAR! Sorry to hear you're having trouble connecting up to your wireless network. We'll get this sorted out. :)

    To get started, let's have you take a look at this sticky and post your replies to the section in bold at the bottom of the page: This will enable us to begin the troubleshooting process. In addition to filling out your response please be sure to describe your situation in detail and note any error messages you are seeing!

    Thanks very much, BRIAR. Standing by. :)

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