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i forgot my own passcode

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i forgot both my passcode and the reset password and micosoft doesnt seem to help what do i do|:

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    I'm not quite sure if you've forgotten your XBOX Live accounts passcode or if you've forgotten your XBOX 360's Family passcode.

    But here's instructions for both, if you've forgotten your XBOX Live gamertag's passcode you can simply delete the account and download it again and it will make it so it doesn't have a passcode anymore. If for some reason you can't re-download the profile because you've forgotten the password to your account then you'd need to do a password reset by visiting this site here, and if for some reason you can't reset your password for your account then you'd need to click the "I forgot my password" and on the next screen click "Customer support" and fill out a new e-mail to be contacted at. They send you a form to fill out with a bunch of personal questions that you'd need to answer correctly before they give you access back to the account. There's unfortunately no way around that.

    Now, if you've forgotten your XBOX 360's Family passcode then you need to contact phone support, there's absolutely no way to reset it manually by yourself without speaking with phone support.

    Hopefully that answers your question, if not post back and be a little more specific and someone will be able to help you out some more.

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    Hey there. Unfortunately the only way to get back on your account on that console is to delete and/or redownload your Xbox Live profile. If you decide to delete your profile or find that you have to, make sure to select to "Delete Profile Only" and not "Delete Profile and Items" to retain your game data and saves.

    More information can be found at and

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    You will not be able to download the profile without the password. If you forgot the password for your account, then please go to and follow the string for Cant access your account? - try to reset the password that way.

    Or do you mean the passcode for the console? Or the passcode for the wireless network?

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    i have forgotten my 4-digit pass code what do i do

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    bean614, , these forums work best when you create a new thread with a first post of your own, as the original poster's problem and solution, although similar, could be very different in detail. It's great that you're researching here, but the quickest path to a solution is your own new thread. That being said,  call your national Xbox support number (See first link below) and speak to the Hardware agents (Option 3). They will want your Console Serial number which you can get off the back of the Xbox.

    Support: or Request A Call   How to get FreeLIVE