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Trying to connect to xbox live

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I'm trying to connect to xbox live and I'm getting error: Sorry, something's wrong with your Microsoft account.  Go to for help.  code 8015D003

did the connection test and worked fine.

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  • I deleted the profile and readded it and it seem to be working now

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    I'm having the same problem!!

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    Me too, are you guys running Beta by chance?  I have the beta dashboard and just got a update and I got the error you got.

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    @Ryan57ford yesI am running the beta dashboard looks like the profiles got corrupted

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    I also have the new beta dashboard and I cant login either getting the same stupid Error code.

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    I just redownloaded my profile and that fixed it. But really weird almost makes me not want the new beta dashboard.

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    Same here and on the Beta! Good work Microsoft lol.

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    yep, getting the same problem.

    however, i just turned off and then turned back on my xbox, and it's working fine.


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    i deleted my profile then readded it and it works fine. Must be something with the beta...

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    i have the beta to and i have the same problem whit my acount, xbox live and I'm getting error: Sorry, something's wrong with your Microsoft account.  Go to for help.  code 80151912 what is that i so hungry dude some answer pls, and i delete my acount but stild dont work

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    Almost A guarenteed fix      

    1.On the dashboard, go to the “Settings” page

    2.Select “System”

    3.Select “Console Settings”

    4.Select “Remote Devices”

    5.Under “PlayTo,” select “Off”

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    Nope didn't work. Can't reload my profile. Starts to download then snags and error 80151012.

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    Been trying to fix this with out success fr the past 7 hours.

    Did everything recommended.

    contacted xbox, no fix.

    I really hope a patch fixes this.

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    Hey there cggrene! Do you receive an error code? Could you post up things you have tried.

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    I have the beta, and I've been having the same problem like, all week. It's pretty annoying, and i hope Microsoft does something about this.