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My xbox account keeps saying invalid email or password but i can log on to my account on my computer?

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i havent played online in over a yr, last time i played my account was about 4ish months ago playing offline, but logged onto my account, and for some reason i cant log into my account now, i havent done anything to get banned (that im aware of), i dont think ive been hacked, i even tried changing my password for my account using my computer and it still says invalid, im connected to the internet ive tested it 3 times, reset the console 3 times, i currently dont have xbox live but thats because i cant even log in

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    ive tried all of the above and nothing, but now i dont even have my profile on my harddrive it wont let me download it, it keeps saying, 80151011, im assuming some sort of error, it says sorry xbox live profiles cant be downloaded right now, try again later 80151011, i would like to upgrade to a year membership but im not doing that if i cant play

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    Please try to log into your Live Account in the internet.

    If you are able to log in, I would try to set a new password and recover your profile to the console.

    If this does not work, you can try to set new passworrd via Password forget function on the website I mentioned before.

    If this does not help also you should contact Microsoft Support.

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    Hi there,

    can you try to logon to if you haven't done already

    Please also check to verify if all details are correct and up to date


    Let us know the results

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    Delete profile from your console

    1) go to & click on Sign in at upper right - if you can't sign in then STOP: DON'T delete your profile. Please call Xbox Support for help with your account. If you can sign in, delete & redownload your profile on your Xbox this way:

    2) Go to Settings

    3) pick System

    4) choose Storage

    5) pick All Devices

    6) choose Gamer Profiles

    7) pick the gamertag

    8) choose Delete, and

    9) pick Delete Profile Only. This deletes the profile but leaves saved games and achievements. Now, re-download your profile.


    1) Tap the silver Xbox Guide button

    2) Select Download Profile (and if you don't see it, press the blue X button to make sure you're not signed in) and proceed with Profile Download.

    3) Enter the Windows Live ID for your Xbox LIVE gamertag when asked.

    4) Enter the password for the WLID.

     4A) If your account is an Xbox LIVE child account, the parent’s Windows Live ID & password is required as well to download your profile.

    5) Pick the storage device for your profile (choose Hard Drive if you have one, or Memory Unit if you don't have a Hard Drive).

    6) When the download completes you will be asked if you want the console to remember your password. If it's your home console, I'd say yes, otherwise I'd think carefully about leaving my profile unprotected on somebody else's Xbox!

    7) Sign in, and retry.

    Support: or Request A Call   How to get FreeLIVE

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    i just cleared my cache, it worked

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    Thanks for your support Vibroplex, worked perfectly.

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    Hey there agent k72!  If you need any help, please post a fresh thread detailing what's up.  We'll be happy to help!

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    I have the same problem

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    Hi Garrerobritanik. If you are having similar issues, and the above suggestions did not help, please go ahead and create a new thread, detailing what troubleshooting steps you have already tried. Thank you!

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    Now I have the same problem I did ever thing even deleted my system cache and still noting I don't why I am paying for xbox live if I can't use it.

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    Hey Austin,

    Please go ahead and create a new thread detailing your issue and any error codes you see and troubleshooting steps you have taken so we can tailor individual support for you. 

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    Thanks for all the help guys, resetting and redownloading my account worked!!!!!

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    I had the same thing! I have been attempting to log into XBL all day. When I do, a message will say it needs a security proof with my log in information, and when i do that, it signs me in up until the "remember my password" screen. Once i click "next" i am logged out.