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Unable to join a certain friend in a party or game without a host and friends can't join me in a party. Please help!

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I recently had a problem with live. I got on a week ago, and invited a friend to a party. It would be just as two. But she got Can't connect to Party. So she made a party, and invited me. I happen to get the same thing. After several attempts, and no luck, we give up, and join a party with someone else as the party leader. This has been going on for two weeks, and it is driving us insane. So i thought, "Can me friends join me?" I send a couple of friends party invites but they get the same Can't connect to party. So we get on another party with someone else that volunteered to be leader, and we played Halo 4. But our leader had to get off, we were all connected still. But then as the game started, i was kicked off the game, and was not able to join back either because my friend was in that game. We tried this with AC3 but both of us can not be in the same game without being kicked. I know you will say to check my NAT settings, call my internet provider, reset connection, or even put our connections into a wired one. But nothing works. We both have an OPEN NAT. I really need a solution to this problem as soon as possible because my live is running out soon so i want to spend the rest of my live without wasting it again because of school. Please help!

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    Try to go to your dashboard and go to settings and system then go to network settings then click wired,or wireless which ever you have then click it configure network then additional settings,restore to factory defaults TRY IT

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    A sequential power cycle is the first step in clearing connection problems, and the order and timing of the steps is important to success:


    1) turn off the Xbox then

    2) unplug power from the router (Some folks have a combination modem-router AKA 'gateway' or only use a modem with no router. If either, skip steps 3 & 6).

    3) unplug power from the modem.

    4) Wait at least 5 minutes then replug the modem/gateway power.

    5) Wait 'til the light on the front of the modem/gateway which says BROADBAND, ONLINE, READY, CABLE or DSL is on solid (not flashing), then plug in the router. If you have a gateway instead of a modem and router or a modem with no router, then when that light says it's ready, skip to step 7.

    6) Wait until the WiFi light on the router is on; you may not use WiFi, but it's still a good indicator your router is finished booting up.

    7) Turn on the Xbox.  For more background on Ports, see


    If the problem persists, please send us the info we need from so we may work on this further.

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    Maybe the method discussed  here may help you.

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    I am JeffRay, I am sorry  but that didn't help at all because I have tried all those as well... :(

    MEA Kilabeez, I will try that but I doubt it would work. :/

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    Hey there KaonSempai!

    Appreciate if you could provide us with a bit more information that will help us with your issue. Please read: START HERE! And post back in full detail (the bits that are in bold).


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    check you NAT and make sure it is set to open before proceeding

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    I was able to make a temporary fix, but I doubt it will last. Thats everyone for your great suggestions