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Child account won't connect

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I can login fine under my account using my email and password, but when my child tries to switch to his account, it gives the message

"Sorry, something's wrong with your Microsft account.  Go to for help.  Code: 8015d003."

He has been on my account as a child for over a year and we have never had this happen before.  When I go to the website, it has me login, but does not mention anything about my childs account.  Any ideas?

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    Hey there Bold! Let's see what we can do to get things sorted.

    To start off, here's a few questions for you to help us better understand the situation:

    • Is the child account part of an Xbox Live Gold Family Pack?
    • Does the child account have it's own email address/password that it signs in with? Or does it use your email address/password?
    • What happens when you try to log into the child account on

    Let us know and we'll work with you from there. =)

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    - No, I only have the basic Xbox live account.

    -No, he does not have his own email. It all logs in under mine.

    - I can login fine under my account using my email address. Since he does not have his own email, but rather shares mine, I assume his login would be the same as mine.  However, I don't see any mention of his account when I login.  The only place I can see his gamertag is when I click on "friends".  His gamertag shows up there.

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    Hey again Bold! Thanks for hitting us back with that information!

    It sounds like the issue stems from family accounts being transitioned to individual accounts and the child account is still registered as being under the same email address that your account is on.

    I suggest moving the child account to its own email address to keep the two separate which should help resolve the issue. You can make a brand new email address on, etc if you'd like. Just be sure to include accurate information since inaccurate birthdates, etc can cause issues when promoting a child account to an adult account when the child comes of age.

    Once you have an email set up for the child account I suggest using the Contact Us page to set up a support call with an account specialist who can assist with the email switch. If (for whatever reason) they're unable to assist, ask to be escalated to the Advocacy Team who specializes in this type of thing. They should be able to assist you from there.

    I truly hope this helps. Please hit us back if you have any questions at all and we'll be happy to assist.

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    Hey Cerb,

    Thanks so much for the help. I will do as you suggested.