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Product key registered to another LIVE profile (I only have one)?

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I'm running Windows 8 CR (64-bit) and I'm having trouble with LIVE now (for the first time). 

When I try to login to live running either Flight or AoE: Online I get the following error message:

"The product key you provided has already been registered to another LIVE profile. Please enter a valid produce key or go back and choose a different Windows Live ID."

Problem is, I only have one Live ID and I used to be able to play both games using it. When I go to the games under GFWM I don't have a product key but I have a LIVE access code which shows up when I get the error message. I try to accept the terms and login with the LIVE access code but I get the same error again. I've tried downloading the GFWM client again as well as uninstalling and downloading/installing both apps using the steps provided in the technical support FAQ and still no joy.

The problem seems to be GFWL specific because I can log into other games (Batman: AA purchased from Steam) just fine.

Any ideas?

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    Hey there Lone!
    You can also try and seek an answer to your question in: "Games for windows" Technical Support - Forum

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    Can you try using another game (such as Tinker which is free) and see if you have the same issue?

    My initial thought would be that the Launcher(s) wouldn't be compatible with Windows 8.

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    I agree with Inferior. It could be that GFWL launcher is not yet compatible with the Windows 8 RC.

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    Thanks for the responses guys. It may be that it isn't supported but it worked fine on Consumer Preview so I would be surprised if it regressed but nothing is impossible. I'll try the link from taidara and put it on a Windows 7 machine to see if I still have the problem.