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Cannot Download Profiles Error Code: 80004005

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A few days ago I turned on my xbox and my xbox live profile was just gone. I tried re-downloading it, and it starts to download for about a second and then it stops and gives me an error saying: "Sorry. Xbox LIVE profiles can't be downloaded right now. Try again later. Error Code: 80004005". I can log onto my profile from the computer and it still says im gold. Not sure what to do.

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    Oh I got it to work. I found the answer on a different post here. I checked my hard drive to see if my gamer profile was actually deleted. It wasnt, so I deleted it and redownloaded. It worked after that. Thanks.

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    Hey there BuckHarvester,

    There are 2 solutions in association with that specific error code. However, solution 1 will not apply because that relates to marketplace content. So we will move to solution 2, which is trying to download your profile using a different ISP (such as a friends house). Is this possible for you to try?

    I would also leave it for a few hours and try again as it may just be a temporary bug or glitch in the system.

    Please report back soon.

    Thank you.

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    Excellent. Thank you for reporting back with that info.

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