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Error Code 801540DF

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My sister is trying to create an Xbox live account right now and whenever it starts to create the account after all the information is put in it says error can not currently create this account blah blah blah and gives the error code 801540DF which when I looked up DOESN'T EXIST! A bit of help would be really nice oh and I also tried to create her account via computer as well that didn't work either.

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    Really sorry to hear about your situation, freestriker. Let's see what we can do to get to the bottom of this. To start, can you tell me the exact error message your sister is seeing word for word? This will enable me to do a bit more research into the issue so I can offer the best resolution steps going forward. Thanks in advance!

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    The following is the error message my sister recieves:

    Sorry, this action can't be performed at this time. Try again later. Visit

    for more information.


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    Hmmm. I've been researching this one, and can't seem to find anything on it! Mister Darcy should be able to help you though. I hope this gets fixed for you!

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    I'm getting the same message and error code when trying to create a new account on a new machine. Has there been any follow up on this?

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    Hi ThAtOnEgUy5150 - what is the exact message you are receiving? Are you creating a child account? Thanks!

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    It would be really nice actually if I could just understand what 801540DF actually meant I tried searching it up but nothing appears.

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    I get the same message, and what's worse is my credit card gets charged as well, even after it says it won't :/

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    To Miss Portia - I keep getting this message:

    Sorry, this action can't be performed at this time. Try again later. Visit for more information.


    I got this message while trying to enter my parent information while my kid was setting up a new account for himself. He ultimately set his account up by telling it he is 18. (He did it before I knew he was doing it.)

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    I don't know if this will help but this link gives some fairly detailed explanation of Error Codes:

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    Hey gang,

    Are you each trying to create an child account on your Xbox 360?  It would need to have a parental account associated with it.

    If you continue to get that error code, you'll want to get a hold of our chat or phone support team at our Contact Us page.


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    Had the same problem when trying to start a child account.  I used an adult account that was created on another xbox and downloaded to the xbox where the child account was.  The account had to be "promoted" on the new xbox (this can be done under Settings>Account).  After this it was an option when the "parental consent required" screen came up.  Chose the newly promoted parent account, followed the steps, including entering a valid credit card again, and the child account was created successfully.