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Error code 80072EF3

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I'm getting this error code when I try logging into my account
Does anyone know it mean's

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    hey, It is most likely just information missing from your account. It happened to me before I just did this

    1. go to settings on your console, then system and then storage,

    2. Select the hard drive (HDD) and press Y

    3. clear the system.

    4. Turn the console off and on and it should work.

    If not then do the following;

    1. go to the hard drive again (HDD)

    2. Profiles and delete your gamertage

    3. Recover the gamer tag (and any missing information should be downloaded)

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    Thank you for replying to my question i'l try it in the morning now as kids are going to bed and il post back letting u know if it worked

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    Hey CallumBlackopps! What was the result from the steps Wildwingers17 suggested? Any luck?

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    Worked Perfect!!!   Thanks Wildwingers

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    Wow thank you! This worked perfect for me. You sir or ma'am are my hero :D

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    Excellent! :D

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    These days the console users that get the error code: 80072EF3 after following the steps advised above are resolving the problem only for the space of 24 hours after that the error repeats in automatic.

    For these users I would suggest a reverse tactic, to delete your gamertag, clean the console cache and download your gamertag again. Till now is the longest working solution.

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    I keep my profile on a flash drive.  If i do what you are suggested will i lose any save games?  Plus i dont have xbox live gold

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    Hey there Apollo! Clearing the system cache will not cause you to lose any saved games. And if you ever decide to delete/redownload your profile, as long as you choose to delete profile ONLY (NOT profile and items) then you shouldn't worry about losing save games either.

    If you have any more questions, go ahead and make a new thread and we'll be happy to assist. =)

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