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Xbox 360 update Error message E66.

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n the advice of the hardware technician who I spoke with on the phone, I am leaving feedback about my problem. I own the xbox 360 original version. The manufacture date is 21-feb-2006. It is not HDMI capable. The serial number is 706220460806. I live in Windsor Ontario Canada.

My problem is that when I try to connect to xbox live with my gamertag (blu4life23) it says that I need to update my xbox. After the update The xbox restarts and the message is E66 contact xbox live support. 

When I contact support, they tell me that my xbox has either been modified or I used copied games.


This cannot be true because, I am the first user of this xbox. It has never been sent in for repair, No one has modified it and it CANNOT play copied games. I still pay 60$ to buy new games and pay for my xbox live.  

The only modification I did was using an external cooling fan which I plugged into the back. (which i believe is legal)

I can still play games on my xbox offline, however I cannot connect to xbox live as my gamertag has been flagged and it tells me to do the update again.


It is my understanding that this security update is flawed. If you could please get back to me with a solution. I would really appreciate it. 




Thank you

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  • LONEWOLF8, please contact Phone Support regarding this issue:

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    From, what I read online, this might have something to do with a Faulty DVD player. My DVD is faulty at times. It makes a LOT of noise which I assumed is normal because the console is really old.. Sometimes when I fire up my xbox it doesnt detect the game and it says PLAY DVD instead of saying play Fifa 11.

    Then I just eject the drive and close it again and sometimes after restarting the console, it reads the game and works fine.

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    Your DVD drive is probably going to die soon, I remember my xbox started doing that same thing, then 5 months later I had to get it fixed.

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    I have the same problem!, I never opened my console and when it had to be repaired only Microsoft support made the repair and only they have touched my console!!!!.

    When I contact support, they tell me that my xbox has either been modified or I used copied games, that's not true and not fair.

    It is not fair that the only answer is "You have to buy a new console".

    Can someone help me? or Microsoft will decide when we have to buy a new console?

    I never violated the terms of use agreement!     This is an outrage!

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    I have the same generation Xbox as you and I am having the same issue. Mine was built on 6.27.2006. It has never been modified in any way. It functions perfectly but can no longer access live and any attempt to update ends in the E66 error. I was told by a supervisor that there are others like us who have been unintentionally impacted but currently there is no process in place to help us and they do not know if anything will ever be done. My system is a refurb I received from Xbox support after my 3rd in warranty RROD after launch.

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    Please see this post

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    This is what i found

    I believe my console falls into that category from the older generation. What do you reckon ShadowMan?

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    Oh btw i tried all of your suggestions Shadowman and I still get the same error about 75% into the update

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    I'm afraid only the helpdesk will be able to assist with this as per that link Indifferent

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    I got the same problem too, from what i have read this has happened to everyone that has an old model im not sure what model i have got but it doesnt have a hdmi slot and after i update it comes up with E 66 so this is happening from the update :/

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    I'm having the same problem on my xbox too.  (E66 error after update)  My xbox is also the original older model.   I'm not able to update through live, cd, or usb methods.    I get E66 each time.    What's wrong??????    This old thing is out of warranty so are we SOL because of a MS update?  WTF?

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    i have the same problem to and it is getting almost done with the updatte and then all the chinese crap pops up and has the E 66 error

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    I'm not happy with Microsoft at all right now. I'm having this exact same problem. Regardless, my "warranty has been voided because of the changes someone made to the system" and I "will have to buy a new xbox". And what? Lose months of Gold I just paid for until I can actually get a new one!? I've never opened my xbox, and I'm pretty sure if Microsoft would bother to even LOOK at my system they would see that there is NOTHING that anyone tampered with or changed. On top of it all, my warranty expired last year, which they know but still they won't do anything because the "warranty is void".

    Question though: Did this happen to people after buying L.A. Noire and trying to play it? That's when all this happened to me, but Microsoft won't do anything to help, so I'm left to try different repair places here to see if they can do anything.

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    Same issue, most recent update gives me the error. Not modified, it took me 3 xbox's to get one without rrod, and the one that finally worked doesn't work anymore. Lame. Makes the ps3 look even better.

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    Found an article talking more about the new update; still hearing nothing back from Microsoft though it seems...

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    I there, I wrote an article about this issue and am in contact with people higher than Xbox Support. They are trying to get the issue dealt with. For constant updates on the issue, feel free to check out our post. Also, please leave your story in the comments so that Microsoft can see that!

    The post can be found here: