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Suddenly lost gold membership

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I had one year left on my gold subscription and 4 years of tenure now I'm silver and 0 years what's going on ?

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    Please visit this link here, gold subscriptions don't just end out of no where. They end only if the subscription is actually up, or if someone requested cancellation on the account.

    That page above will show you when the gold subscription was started and when it ended. If you believe these dates are incorrect, please contact Xbox Support by visiting this page here

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    Who would have been able to cancel it besides me ? That doesn't make sense. I activated a 13 month subscription on 23/06/2013 and it says it ended a day later on 24/06/2013 ?

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    If that is what it lists, then please contact phone support using the link above. Forum support agents are not able to look into inquiries such as this, only phone support can see this type of information directly and correct any sort of problem that might have occurred.

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    I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the region change I requested through xbox support which still hasn't happened - it's been two weeks now..

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    A region change does not get rid of the gold membership on the account. Things it would get rid of are located here. If you requested some sort of manual change, you'd need to speak with them about this. As I stated previously, you'd need to speak with them directly to find out what's going on with your account and the gold membership you redeemed on your account.

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    Does it get rid of tenure ?

    Support had no clue how this happened and they just send me a new xbox live code. Which is fine for now but what if it happens again ?

    The guy on the phone sent another email to the US support in the hope they will finally look into my request in changing my region back. It's been going on for almost 3 weeks now. If I don't get a response by the end of the week they told me to call back to find another solution.

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    Hi Meadhlyn. Your tenure will be unaffected.

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    Same thing happens to me today.

    I took a 13 month gold 2months ago.

    A week ago change the region and booom, Im silver now! What I must do? :-(

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    I check my emails,

    I became gold at 27/6/2013 with a 13month membership.

    6/12/2013 I change my region and an email notifies me that 8 months has been exchanged from my subscription to Xbox LIVE Subscription Transfer in Greece.

    And today 15/3/2014 Im silver!

    I must have 5 months more...

    I went to billing/memberships and I have a mail that says that my subscription transfer cancelled today. Why?

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    it happens to me too, i dont know what to do, bofore i change was something telling that i was not gonna lose my subscription !

    but im lost, i still have 11 months to go !

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    Hello there PHILJORDAO, I`ve already talked to you about this, Please avoid bumping old threads.


    If you’re moving to another country or region, you might have to change the region associated with your Xbox Live account. You can do this by going to the Account migration page (sign-in required). When you change the region of your Xbox Live account, some things are unaffected, like your profile.Other things are potentially affected, such as:

    • Memberships and subscriptions
    • Licensed digital content (like games, video and music) that you’ve already bought
    • Services you get through your Xbox console
    • Funds in your Microsoft Account


    I`d like you to make your own Topic Post regarding the questions or problems you may have in future, Please Click Here to get started and i'll be there to help you.


    Remember, Please Try not to bump old Topic Posts. Start your own.

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