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XBOX live account auto sign out everytime I start or exit a game

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Good day,


My XBOX live account automatically signs me out every time I start a new game or exit after playing a game, quite annoying.


Any suggestions that might solve this issue as I have chopped, changed and looked everywhere on my profile and setup, but nothing corrects this issue.




Zambezi Bosluis

Zambezi Buffel

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    Hi there,


    try these steps:

    1. Clear the cache

    2. Turn of the console

    3. Turn on the console.

    4. Try the game again


    if that fails you can try this

    1. Delete profile, be sure to only delete the profile

    2. Clear the cache

    3. Turn console off,

    4. Turn console on

    5. Clear cache one more time

    6. Redownload the profile

    7. Try the game again.


    The how to can be found here:

    Clear the console cache:

    Delete your profile from the console, be sure to delete only the profile:


    Let us know the results

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    WPAK, thank you so much, I wasn't sure what I could have done, but you helped me (your second option). Thanks again.

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    WPAK thanks man I had the same problem but thanks to u I dont need to worry about it anymore, thanks man!

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    Was having the same issue and this solution worked (I DID have to delete the profile). Quick and easy. Thanks a lot.