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I am sorry for the multiple posts. Very sorry. The internet here on campus is acting up today and lagging.

I couldnt sign into XBL so I deleted my profile. Now I cant recover my profile. I have eliminated any and all network issues so I know that is not the problem. I just want to go back online and play Mass Effect 3 with my friends. I have two different Xbox 360s I tried on both. I even tried using a USB and that didnt work. i need help. Please help me. I had a little chat with an Xbox Tech over Chat on here last night, Reference Number 1173175458. Please somebody help me. I just turned Silver over the weekend and havent been able to renew yet. I was going to renew last night when I got home but I couldnt. I had a 48 Hour Code I used from Mass Effect 3 and I used it on my profile. But still nothing. Nothing I have tried is working. It almost downloaded this morning but stopped and gave me error message 800704DC at the very end. So please help me.



Reference Number 1173175458

Copy of Trans.

Shawn: Hello
Ronald: Hi, Shawn. Thanks for contacting Xbox Customer Support. One moment, please while I review your issue.
Shawn: Ok
Ronald: Thanks for waiting, Shawn. Is signing you in automatically, or are you actually typing in your sign in information? To ensure the security of your account, please do not post the sign in info in chat, please.
Shawn: I typed in my information. I even reset my password logged back out and signed back in again with my new password.
Shawn: I cant recover it to my xbox though
Ronald: Are you getting an error mesage?
Shawn: Yes
Ronald: What error message are you getting
Shawn: Xbox cant download profiules at the moment. Please try again later.
Shawn: Or something like that.
Shawn: its 800704DC
Ronald: Thanks, Shawn. Have you looked in your storage device under the gamer profiles folder for a corrupted file?
Shawn: Yes
Shawn: No corrupted files
Ronald: Thanks, Shawn. When you do a network connection test, do you get any errors?
Shawn: I did the Network Test and I was able to connect to Xbox Live. But for some reason I couldnt log in so I tried recovering my profile and now I cant recover my profile
Ronald: Who is your Internet provider?
Shawn: Time Warner Cable.
Shawn: I reset the internet and everything also
Ronald: Thanks, Shawn.
Shawn: What do I do. I want to recover my profile.
Ronald: And I appreciate your patience, Shawn.
Shawn: I know where Xbox is located is currently or is supposed to get a big snow storm. I am thinking this is causng interference. I am glad I was able to log into with my profile so I know it wasnt hacked. I just want to recover it so I can play Halo with my friends.
Ronald: And this just happened this evening, correct? Oh, sure, Shawn, I understand where you're coming from.
Shawn: Yes about 30 minutes ago
Ronald: Thanks, Shawn. Yeah, the good thing is that you're able to get in online. That code usually will point to a corrupted file, or a connection issue. You've looked at all the folders, just in case? Have you tried to clear the system cache?
Shawn: Clearing cache now
Ronald: Okay, thanks Shawn.
Shawn: I am also going through my hard drove and searching for corrupted stuff
Ronald: Great, Shawn.
Shawn: Still nothing
Shawn: Sorry, Xbox LIVE prfiles can't be download right now/ Try again later. 800704DC
Ronald: Have you ever had to open any ports?
Ronald: By that I mean, have you ever had NAT errors?
Shawn: I am able to log into my otehr profiles
Shawn: And now my NAT settings and everything are fine. I checked those first.
Shawn: I have two other profiles for when I have friends over so we can all play. I checked both of those and I was able to log into those two profiles.
Shawn: I can only log in to my main profile which is Th3 H3m1 R4m through
Ronald: Right, the issue here is trying to re-download the profile though. You did the right thing when you couldn't sign in by trying to delete it, but getting the profile downloaded back to the console is the problem. I'm not seeing that we are having any issues, the only other thing I would be able to suggest is to contact Time Warner to see if they may be having a temporary issue. I understand you're able to connect on other profiles.
Shawn: Ok I will see what they say.
Ronald: Shawn, I'm going to post these notes to your account and give you a reference number.
Shawn: Ok
Ronald: Your reference number will be 1173175458.
Shawn: Ok thank you.
Ronald: Is there anything else I can do for you, Shawn?
Shawn: No'
Ronald: Have a great week, Shawn.

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  • Hey there Ram! I understand you are having some issues downloading your profile at this time. One thing that can sometimes help with log in or download errors is to simply log in at and see if any errors pop up there. If not, try downloading on the console again and see if you get the same issue.

    If that doesn't work, try resetting your WLID password on the same link above and then try again. Let us know how that goes and we'll be happy to help further if needed. Thanks!

    Franz: Please try out these steps as well. If they do not help, please create your own thread in this Forum so we can better assist you. Thanks!

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    Have the same Problem since some Days....

    i "lost" my Xbox through a ROD, and now canĀ“t download my old Account...

    hope...there is coming a solution soon..

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    Hello, I have already written in another thread about this similar error. It seems that a member of the support team, Ms. Portia was able to get the issue escalated so that a fix was found. This is the link to the thread:

    Please, if you know of a solution for the error, or know of a way to get the attention of someone else who does, please let me know.

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    Hey, I can't write back to you via PM (due to my account being Silver at this time). Thanks for the tip to use the prepaid code, but that's the second problem. Whenever I try to enter a code, it says that there was an error during the transaction. I could call support and see if they can enter the code for me.... Once again, thanks!

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    Hey there Sofrech1991! Since this thread is dated back to March, can I have you create your own thread in this forum detailing your issue and listing any steps you've tried? That way we can help you out individually! Thanks in advance. :)