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Adding existing Non-XBOX Live accounts to a new XBOX Live Family Pack

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Hey all,

I had an existing XBOX Live account and my two kids with non-live Character accounts. I have recently purchased the Live Family pack and the kids want to make their existing characters into XBOX Live accounts but not loose their character info, game saves, etc.

I cant seem to find anything in the forums that explains if this can be done and how.

Anybody know if this can be done??


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  • Hello CPFB! Congrats on your new purchase of a Family Pack!


    Before you can add your children's "characters" more notably know as "Offline Accounts" you must upgrade them to online Accounts. To do this, go on the account you want to add to the pack, press the middle Xbox Guide button and select "Join Xbox LIVE" Follow the process of creating a Silver Membership for Xbox LIVE, and from there they can be upgraded into your family plan. By doing the steps listed, they will be able to keep their Game Data, Avatar, and Content.


    You can go here to find out how to add Xbox LIVE Accounts to your Family pack. Also, feel free to reply to this thread with any additional questions you may have.


    Cheers! -Civiks

  • When going through the Gold Offers press "A" until you are greeted with a variety of options of Gold Account pricing, and select "No Thanks" Instead of selecting a Gold Membership plan.

  • Yes, each account requires a specific Windows LIVE ID & Password.

  • I got it. I found the area under family and added everybody.

    Thanks for the help!

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    For the price of less than two one year memberships you get a family pack of 4. You can use it to have more members of your family online for less money! :)

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    Thanks for the help Civiks.

    I just signed into my older son's offline account. I then hit the sliver X button and brought up the selection box and selected " Join XBOX Live" It only lets me create a Gold account which asks for a new e-mail address and password. There is no choice for a silver account. Am I missing something?

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    So, do I have to set up new Windows Live E-Mail Accounts for each member?  

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    I think I almost have it! I have created new Live ID's for both kids, I have got one offline account now online with a "Silver" but how do I link them to my family account?

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    Happy to be of assistance! What I'm here for =)

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    Best! -Civiks

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    What is family live pack include