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I don't remember my email and password for one of my gamertags.

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I don't remember the email and password associated with one of my gamertags. How do I find that out?

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    Hello Det - if you do not recall that information, we have a guide that may help you here:

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    If you can't remember your email address give support a call.  They will ask some account specific questions.  If you can answer them they will give you the email address.

    As for the password, you will need to change that yourself as support does not have that information.

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    I'm also in a similar predicament. I have an account that i can't remember the email to. The account itself is on my Xbox, its just asking me for the email to be able to sign in to it. Is there any other way to figure it out beside calling support? Not a hug fan of prolonged phone conversations. :/

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    If you can't get into the account (you could see the info from the Personal section of the Settings) then your only option is to contact support.

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    similar thing with me. been gone for 2 years. i dont have my old xbox now its the new one for the family. i was trying to recover my account but and i cant remember my account login info.

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    Hey there SK8TECH!  Here's a good one to try as well: If there's anything else you need help with, please make a fresh thread and we'll be happy to take a look!

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    For all of you: no, there is no way to avoid contacting support.  Having been thru this myself, I can speak from eperience.  You will have to contact Support and go thru the infamous account verification will see what I mean by that when you do.  I suggest you get the email version,...that will give you time to research the answers.

    If you pass, then you can get a password-reset link sent to any email you give them.  if you don't your account is gone.  And since I imagine most of you won't remember anything since you have already forgotten the two basic pieces, I have a feeling there will be some crying...