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Tried to login to XBOXLive but the password didn't work. Tried to change the password, but the thing keeps trying to make me change my WindowsLive password instead.

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This is a really annoying problem! I wanted to get onto my XBOXLive account with my console, and when I try, it rejects the password I KNOW is the right one. Funny. I go onto my hotmail and click the link from one of my saved emails from you guys. I sign in, which interestingly enough, doesn't require inputting a password while still on hotmail. Then I go to my account and check out the password page. I see that the password is hidden, but the amount of characters is exactly what I expected. Ok. I click to try and change my password. Damn. It wants my current password. I try it and it rejects it. Oh this is fuuun. I just want to change my password so I can actually play you know? When I try to recover my password somehow it thinks I want to change my WindowsLive account password. WTF The only thing they have in common is that they have the word "Live" in them. Please tell me if I'm doing something wrong. I really want to get my XBOXLive password fixed so I can use it. It's sad but funny that I can get onto it here without a pass to ask this though. Really, how did this happen?

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  • If your talking about your XBOX Live Passcode that's fixed by deleting the account on the console and then just downloading it again. It takes away any sort of passcode that was set on the account.

    Windows Live ID password is totally different from the XBOX Live Passcode.. You can learn more about the XBOX Live Passcode here.

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    Sign out and try the "forgot your password" function.

    EDIT: Sorry, I may have misunderstood. Which password are you referring to if it's not the WLID password linked to your gamertag? 


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    Your Windows Live ID is associated with your gamertag. The Windows Live ID can be a hotmail, live, yahoo, gmail, whatever e-mail address. You need to be able to login to your account on using your Windows Live ID and password if you see your correct gamertag on the top right then you use that e-mail and password to recover your account.

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    Tried it. I made sure my e-mail was logged out too. Sadly, it decided I was trying to do this for my WindowsLive account. Last I tried this same way, it did this, and I ended up with my WindowsLive password changed. Thanks for the suggestion though.

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    Ok so I can login with my Windows Live id and pass, but I stil can't change my Xboxlive pass. I didn't need to recover my account, I just needed to change the pass for xboxlive, which it steadfastly refuses to allow for some reason.

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    I tried, believe me, I did. I can access with my WindowsLive account, but I don't feel it's safe to use that for both you know? If I hacker gets one, they get both. Who wants that?

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    I don't think your understanding that your Windows Live ID is connected to your XBOX Live Account, I'm confused with why your thinking you have 2 e-mails connected to the same gamertag which isn't possible at all.

    You can reset your Windows Live ID password (which is essentially the e-mail on your gamertag) can be done by going here.

    I don't know what else you could be trying to do. 

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    okay im posting here because i cant find anywhere to post this but my account JUST got stolen by someone. i was playing online and this guy in my party said he would take my account if i didnt play w/him and all of a sudden it signed me out. and i tried to login to my acc but it says the password is incorrect so now i dont have an xbox live gold account anymore...

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    To Hassassinade> Not talking about that. When I created my xboxlive account, I was on my bf's xbox console. I made a password for that account. I recently tried and was unable to login to my account on the xbox console for some reason. When I try to change my password for my xboxlive account here, it takes me to WindowsLive. It makes no sense really. Unfortunately, my bf had to take his console somewhere. Correct me if I'm wrong, but if you try to change an xboxlive account pass, shouldn't it change THAT pass, instead of the WindowsLive pass? Maybe that seems stupid but that's what my common sense is telling me.

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    Thank you! I was thinking it was somethig else. I'm sorry for the trouble! :)

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    No problem at all, my pleasure. Glad you were able to get it resolved :).

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    Glad to hear the issue is sorted, TheFieryGoddess. Happy gaming to you! :)

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