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Gamertage/Windows Live ID problem. Help!

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Hello there! So, after downloading a recent update, my Xbox is now asking for my Windows Live ID to get into my Gamertag. Initially, I wasn't able to remember the password for the account, and attempted to change it several times. I eventually remembered the password, and attempted to log into my gamertag. It acted like it was logging in, before giving me this message:

"Sorry, something's wrong with your Windows Live ID. Visit for help.


So, I just want to change my password and access my account, but it's sending the change password email to the Windows Live ID email, which has been closed for several years. I have another email that was added to my profile by a Xbox representative, so if I could just get the change password email sent to that email, I would be good. Please help!

My gamertag is CaptainChainsaw.

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    That is odd that support would tell you to come to the forums to speak with support.

    Sorry you are having this issue, but the info I gave you is the exact same info that was given to someone else with your exact problem from one of the xbox representatives.

    You will have to try calling phone support again, I'm afraid.

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    I'm afraid you'll have to get in touch with support to solve this issue.

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    Support advised me to ask here, because they're out of ideas, save for just cutting my losses and starting a new account.

    The support representative I spoke with seemed to think that an Xbox support member could possibly manually get the change password email sent to my current email. Or just tell me what's wrong with my Gamertag.

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    hello pagedplace0 ,   wow that's really odd that support would ask you to use the forums.   maybe try to resolve your password issue.

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    having the same problem. it seems that it happened to me after i used the xbox profile protection thing and the update.

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    Greetings, BonniestGrub. Can you please create a new thread for us? Be sure to include a full description of your situation and we'll be happy to help. :)

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    Paged, you said you could remember the information and it directed you to What happens when you sign in there? That status code you received is normally and issue with your WLID being blocked. If you can sign in online, you should be able to attempt to manually change your password... which might show a blocked id.

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    You need to post on the WLID forum

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    This is against your best practice as an Ambassador to post in a thread that's old and/or marked as resolved.

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