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Free Gamertag Change?

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Hey guys, 

So when I made my gamertag, I thought it was pretty cool. 5 years later, it doesn't sound so great. I haven't been playing xbox for a while now, but I think I might want to start again with Borderlands 2/Halo 4. 

On's support page it says that if you created your gamertag when signing up, which I did, I created it myself, that you are allowed one free name change. I have never changed my name yet it doesn't give me the option for a free change when prompting a gamertag change.

How do I get this fixed? I don't have my one free change... Also, $10 for a name change? Microsoft really needs to get in the game. I mean, they already charge for xbox live, and even for name changes... can't take a hint from Steam/PSN?

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  • You only get the free change if the system created the gamertag for you, not if you created the gamertag. And the free change is only available for the first 30 days of the life of your gamertag.

    So since you created the gamertag, you would not be eligible for the free change. You'll have to pay to change the name. At least you get to change your gamertag. On PSN there's no way to change your tag.

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    Curver88, please do us a favor and  open a new thread with your query.


    I'd make a small wager you have both an account Curver88 and another account Curve8, and if you downloaded your Curve8 XBL Gold profile, you've be able to play.


    To download a profile, tap on the silver guide button, then the blue (X) button which forces a signout. Then, choose DOWNLOAD PROFILE and when asked, provide the Microsoft Account ID, the email address for Curve8, and its password.

    Support: or Request A Call   How to get FreeLIVE

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    The free gamertag is only offered within 30 days of when a new account is created. It's possible at the time you created your Xbox account, you were not given an automatically generated gamertag like accounts nowadays get. Thus why you didn't get a free name change. You will need to get the 800 Microsoft Points in order to change your name most likely.


    EDIT: Smwutches beat me to it.

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    well there is no name change on psn at all


    only on steam

    name change is still on the PSN wishlist along with cross game chat

    people just create new accounts which is probably why thats not really an option

    if you read the support article correctly only gamertags created after 2011 which were given random names are given free name changes





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    Well, thank you guys for the help. They should be more clear on the subject of the free gamertag change, though. The way they worded it made it sound like I was eligible. Oh well.

    I primarily play on PC now, and Steam really kicks the other services to the curb. Name change whenever you want... no hassle! On the subject of PSN having no name change... well at least you can make a new account. Anyways, I just wish that Xbox would stop being so... greedy.  Now I just have to figure out if I really want Halo 4... I'm out of Live again at the end of this month. Sigh*

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    yeah its pretty crappy that xbox charges 800 points for a name change. Ive had xbox live for 8 straight years and that doesn't merit a free name change? seriously??? it makes it even worse that you buy the service in 1 year increments, so you would think that would equal 1 free name change a year.

    by charging people for a name change they are actually giving customers an incentive NOT to renew their account!! that way they can get a new name by simply making a new account.

    bad business microsoft. bad business.

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    I have a different issue. I have a gold account and my Gametag is Curver88 on my xbox. But on here and waypoint it has curver8 and a free account. What's going on, and how do I straighten it out as all my stats are retrieval as 88?