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Password reset not working

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When attempting to sign in to my Xbox Live account on my Xbox 360 I am asked for the email and password for my microsoft account. Given the context and the links, I can assume that would refer to the password for this site. I have no way to access my account without doing so, and the system will not recognise the details I enter. I have no idea why it is even doing this in the first place, as it was previously logging in my itself automatically.

I have attempted to reset my password several times, but this does nto appear to be working as the system still does not acknowledge the password either on my Xbox or on this site itself. I have had to resort to creating this new, additional account just so I can post this request. My gamertag would normally be Taejix.

Please, can somebody tell me what I have to do to get my account working again.

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  • Aaaaaand I've figured out what was going wrong. My account was made using an old, defunct email address.

    I would have realised this earlier, but for some reason I was being allowed to reset my password for an account that didn't actually exist.

    Might want to fix that, by the way.

    Now I just have to delete the temporary account I made so I can use my current email address on my proper account.

    Thank you for all the help. :D

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    Hey there, StellarRabbit5. Really sorry to hear about your situation! To start, can you tell me the exact error message you see when you change the password and attempt to log in? Do you see any numerical error codes along with it? Please let us know!

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    There is no error message.

    I reset my password, get the confirmation that this has been done successfully, try to log in and... get told that my password is still incorrect.

    I've repeated this enough times to be certain that I'm not just mistyping the password somewhere.

    The good news is that my xbox has stopped demanding the email address and password on it's own after a couple of days, which is great, but I'd still like to get this issue sorted out anyway in case it happens again.

    Thanks you for the help. :)

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    Hey StellarRabbit5! Let's try a different approach, can you tell us what error message you see when you attempt to log in on Is it the same just incorrect error message?

    Also, when you're using your console can I have you double-check the account email? It should either be rotating with you gamertag in the upper right corner of the dashboard or you can find it under Account! Let us know. :)

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    I've had a check on my Xbox (which has started doing it again, much to my displeasure) and gotten a few more details. Here's what happens when I try to use it:

    1. I am not signed in when I boot up the console, unlike normal.

    2. When I try to sign in, it asks me to 'Add Security' by signing in with my microsoft account email and password. There is no option to decline, and attempting to do so by closing the menu simply signs me out of the profile I was attempting to log in to.

    3. Entering my email and password has it tell me that they are incorrect, with the error code 8015D002.

    4. Going to this site as suggested and attempting to reset my password appears to work properly, but the new password is not acknowledged as valid either.

    Because I cannot even sign in to my profile on my xbox, I cannot check the account email for you.

    Attempting to log in on simply logs me into this account now. Which is probably down to me using the same email address. Which may indicate I didn't even have a microsoft account for my gamertag. Which raises the question of why it was even asking for the details of one, and also how I can get my gamertag associated with this account, if this is true.

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    Really glad you were able to get to the bottom of this, Taejix. Game on!

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