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Xbox 360 Free & Netflix?

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I got an Xbox 360 for Christmas and redeemed the free month of a Gold account. I mainly used it to download and watch Netflix. It ran out not very long ago and I was watching Netflix, and it closed it out in the middle. I wasn't sure what to do so I tried to open Netflix again and it worked. I've been looking around and everyone is saying you need a Gold membership to access Netflix, so what's going on? I didn't want to renew the Gold membership, so has it auto-renewed it for me (even though in my account, it says renewal is off) and if so, how can I cancel it? Thanks in advance!
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  • According to this article, , you need a Gold membership. To check the status of your Xbox Live account, sign in and click on My Account. To the right of your avatar, you will see whether you are a Free or Gold Member. If you are a Gold member, you will also see if auto renewal is on as well as your expiration date. If you are accessing Netflix as a Free member, then you may just have found a fluke in the system. If it stops working then you will have to upgrade to Gold. I hope this helps.

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    gold is needed for Netflix.  if it shows that auto renew is off and it still charged you you will have to call support and select billing.  

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    That's the thing, I didn't provide a credit card or anything when I signed up so they couldn't have charged me since there's nothing to charge.

    • Level   1 says Gold on the website but Silver on the actual Xbox. There's no renewal or expiration date. I suppose that does help. Thanks!

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    well since you dont hwve gold here as a silver / free member yes you need gold for netflix

    if thrre is no creditcard there is no autobilling you have to go prepaid card

    you cannot access netflix till you do unless you have another gold account that you are not posting with