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Error code 80048821

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When logging on to my Xbox live account I am constantly being prompted to go through an add security screen an it asks me to confirm my email and password, both of which are correct. Upon going through the steps, however, it then says that my email or password are incorrect but this I after it has clearly logged me in because it displays how many friends I have online. The error code I am receiving is 80048821. Someone please assist this is very annoying.
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    Hey there nickyyyflashhhh! If you haven't already, please go ahead and make a new thread detailing your issue and any steps you've taken so far to fix it. That is how these forums work best as it lets us tailor our support to your specific issue. ^_^

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    Hi BOSSitalia,

      Your best bet to fix this, is to delete your profile, clear your cache, and re-download your profile. The steps for that are as follows:-

    Go to Settings, and then select System.

    Select Storage.

    Select All Devices.

    Select Gamer Profiles.

    Select the gamertag that you want to delete.

    Select Delete.

    Select Delete Profile Only.

    Now clear the system cache...

    Press the Guide button on your controller, go to Settings, and select System Settings.

    Select Storage or Memory.

    Highlight any storage device, and then press Y on your controller.

    Select Clear System Cache.

    When prompted to confirm storage device maintenance, select Yes.

    Now redownload your profile...

    Press the Xbox Guide button on your controller (large X button in the center of your controller).

    Select Download Profile. (Not seeing Download Profile? Press X to sign out of your profile.)

    Enter the Microsoft account associated with your Xbox LIVE gamertag. If you don’t know your Microsoft account or password, see Find your Microsoft account or password.

    Now, enter your Microsoft account password.

    Select the storage device for your profile (for example, Hard Drive).

    If you’re downloading your profile to your own console, you can select the Remember Password option so that you aren’t prompted for your Microsoft account password when you sign into your profile.


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    that didnt work for me