Using the Xbox Support Forums!

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    Hello, and welcome to the Xbox Support Forums! Here is where you can get help if you’re having an issue with your Xbox 360 console or Xbox LIVE service. Help may come in the form of community members, Xbox Ambassadors, or official Xbox Support Agents. We also have a lot of support content right here on the forums, so you just might be able to find the answers you need without asking a question.

    For reference, we have five (5) official Xbox Forums Support Agents on the forums. You can identify us by the "S" level and "Official Support" badge underneath our Gamerpics. Those agents are:

    • Mister Cerb
    • Mister Fizzle
    • Misses Joust
    • Mister Balloons
    • Mister Quimby

    In addition to our Welcome post, which will introduce you to the forums, we’ve created this post to guide you when using the Xbox.com Support Forums:


    • First off, check the Xbox LIVE Status page. Often, by the time you notice an issue at home, our Xbox LIVE engineers are already working on a resolution in order to minimize the impact on your experience. When this is the case, those issues will be listed on the Xbox LIVE Status page. If you don’t see anything posted there, it’s time to hit the support forums.
    • Look for the forum relevant to your issue. We have 15 official support forums that cover a range of topics, so no matter your issue, you can find assistance here! To get the fastest assistance possible, be sure you’re posting in the correct forum. For example, if you are having issues with your console connecting to LIVE, check out forum 02 – Connecting to Xbox LIVE first. You likely would not find what you were looking for in forum 04 – Using my console.
    • Check the stickies! Our forums contain numerous “Sticky posts” penned by both the Xbox community and official support agents. Stickies contain tried and true troubleshooting steps, and they’re always a great first resource for common issues.
    • Browse the forums for posts by other users with the same issue. This one is simple! Just check the forums for relevant thread titles, or search the forums by the error code or message you’re receiving. Other threads may contain steps known to resolve your issue. 
    • Create a new thread! Okay, so you’ve checked the Xbox LIVE Status page, checked the stickies, and other posts don’t offer clues on how to resolve the issue. What’s next? Create a new post! Make sure you include as much information about your issue as possible, including any error codes you might be encountering, and what you’ve tried to resolve the issue so far. Remember, something you don’t include might be something we have to ask for later, so try and get everything in there up front!

    In addition to the guide above, there are a few things to keep in mind when using the forums:


    • Official Forums Support Agent hours are Monday-Friday, 9AM-5PM PST. While you may get a response from the community or an Xbox Ambassador outside of our core hours, official support agents generally post within this time frame exclusively.
    • Please allow 24 hours for a response from an Official Xbox Forums Support Agent. While we often will respond to your issue sooner than that, we do ask that you allow us at least 24 hours to respond before “bumping” your thread. If 24 hours have passed and you have not gotten a response to your issue by either community or a Support Agent, please bump your thread so that it will remain visible. 
    • Private Messages: How to use them, and when. Private Messages (PM) on the Xbox.com Forums are different than Xbox LIVE Messages. To send a Private Message on the forums, look for a small envelope icon below the post of the Agent you would want to Private Message. Do not click on the Agent’s Gamercard, as this will prompt an Xbox LIVE Message. Official Forum Support Agents will not respond to Xbox LIVE Messages.

      So, when should you send a PM to a Support Agent? Typically, only when asked by us to provide more information. We don’t offer private support services, so if you message us asking for assistance with an issue, we will generally direct you to the relevant forum to make a post. 


    That’s it! Thank you for your part in building the Xbox Community into the coolest group of gamers around. It’s an honor to assist you all. :)

    -Xbox Forums Support