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Taco bell prizes!help!

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i won 4000 msp and 100 though this give away but did not get the activation email its been 48 hours have talked to taco bell head Q and they told me to contact xbox back still nothing and i would like some help im not sure if live rewards has anything to do with this promo.

Promo is toco bell supreme prizes

over 12000 prizes
xbox prizes

canada ONLY

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    Xbox Rewards support does not handle other promotions. You would have to try posting here -


    However, if I'm reading the terms and conditions correctly, the emails will be sent 8 weeks after the end of the promotion.


    Participation award: If you are not a Prize winner and
    participated in the Contest through the Taco Bell landing page on the
    Xbox LIVE Marketplace using an Xbox 360® console, you will
    receive one (1) virtual Taco Bell avatar item/accessory or Halo avatar
    item/accessory participation award, following successful entry of your
    PIN. You will receive your participation award either as a unique link
    that you must click on immediately to download the avatar item/accessory
    or via an e-mail within eight (8) weeks following the end of the
    Contest sent to the e-mail address associated with your Xbox LIVE


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    after submitting the code though the xbox it sayed i won the 4000 msp after that u have to do a skill test easy math done that then it asks for your email address TO ACTIVATE THE CODE!!. it says the email has been sent and will be there within minutes. its been 3 days. (MINUTES not 8 week)

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    Where do you enter the code?

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    Hey there guys! I've spent some time reading the rules on this promo, and it appears Smwutches is correct on this. If you still don't receive your promo item after the 8 week period, please let us know. Thanks!